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The Siachen forever

The Siachen forever

Indian Army in the Siachin Heights

         The Siachin one of the Highest Battlefield in the world, currently under control of Indian Army, the worst terrain who kills most Indians than the Battle, India never posed any threat to other by controlling the Highest peak but never give up any inches to the Enemy.

         The Simla agreement didn't mentions about the Siachen Glacier, so the Pakistani's first tries to capture the Glacier during the early 1984. but Indian intelligence smelled their plans and alerted Indian Army about the Pakistani plan. as of 1984 there were no military presence but some Foreign and Indian expert team analyzing the geographic and making conclusion of either this for India or Pakistan.

      When Army gets Intelligence input, they launched a operation to capture the Glacier before Pakistani's came to the Glacier. But India acted more professional by deploying troops from Ladakh region and some paramilitary soldiers where they previously trained in such extreme weather in Antarctic,

      They Quickly airlifted near to Siachin and then they move on the foots to avoid Pakistani radars  abour the Indian para drop in Siachen. The Army not only plans to capture the Siachin glacier but they planned to capture some strategic passes who pave the way to the Glacier.

            Later the Pakistani team comes up and they saw the Indian troops on their High, if they were engaged it's sure they loose their lives, so they went silently and sit other side of the glacier and placed the flag and said this under Pakistani military control.

      Indian Controlled area's were more geographically better for resupply and living also which gives a wonderful over watch, where Pakistani team lags such advantages.

        Later in 1987, Pakistan launch a operation tries to  capture some Indian posts, But this time India plans to give a bigger slap to the Pakistani soldiers, they assigned a special operation group members form Pakistani most elite assault team  SSG, but the Operation replelled by the Indian Forces by killing all the Pakistani SSG members. not only, India also manged to capture another Pakistani outpost and taken under control, thus gives more boost and gives concrete postion in the Glacier.

         So far pakistani and some others Think tanks suggests the Indian and Paksitani team to withdrew from Siachin due to the worst terrain condition, more than 2000 soldiers died in the Siachin area both side, 97% of them died because of  the weather, but India denied their requests, and  they knew well about the Pakistani Army,

     Earlier Indian PM manmohan singh, President of India  Abdul Kalam, and Last year Indian PM Modi also enjoyed Diwali with the Indian Soldiers who deployed in Siachin.

       Also earlier US Army Chief general  George Casey visited the Indian posts in Siachin glacier along with his counterpart General Deepak Kapoor, shows Indian and American interests in such high Altitude theaters. the Chinese and Pakistani's shown heavy resistant to the visit by saying One can't visit such disputed area, " He is our guest we can host him anywhere we want" Indian Govt Replied.

         As of now Indian position is highly modernized, and more soldiers and support elements are also installed, which helps Indian Army soldiers can fight any kind of skirmish to high end Full scale war.  

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