Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Secure the Battle front Tawang

Secure the Battle front Tawang

       A report recently tabled in front of the Parliament standing committee on defense has estimated that the that Indian Army needs a day to reach the frontlines of Tawang Region, where as the Chinese ground forces can reach within a matter of hours . The Indian side is plagued by shortfalls in logistics and infrastructure.

      Tawang is a disputed area and has been for long contested by the Chinese and Tibetans, Shortly after annexing Tibet, China has now announced that Tawang is an integral part of Tibet and has thus reclaimed that it is now a part of China. India has for long fought against this move of the Chinese, during the first Indo China war, India has successfully claimed substantial part of Tawang and thus a new border was formed along the Tawang area.

          Tawang is surrounded by Bhutan at its north east, and this is fortified thanks to the Himalayas which serve as a natural barrier. Towards south east is China, which is connected through various valleys and which the Chinese can use to easily mount an attack on these forward points.

            India has setup several fail proof steps to check the invasion, the ITBP was setup solely for this purpose and works under the Home ministry and the Indian army come up with its own forces to check any aggression along the border.

          Think Tanks have repeatedly warned about the infrastructure and the logistics problems the army may face in a full scale war scenario, the roads along this crucial stretch have never been maintained. The new government has now taken measures to boost infrastructures around Tawang, and has also planned to lay roads for quick deployment of the forces.

        The strength of force along this stretch is very minimal, the patrol is being conducted by very minimal force who are not very well equipped with enough equipments to tackle the problem. The Chinese have repeatedly shown aggression along this area, the ITBP has effectively driven out and checked this move by the Chinese efficiently proving their effectiveness and operational status.

          Diplomatic solutions to this problem have been sought for long and this has failed repeatedly, when the Chinese had tented inside Indian Territory the moves to check this by the army had failed and the army failed to receive any reinforcements in time hence escalating the situation. The Chinese on the other hand, received reinforcements and supplies within a few hours after the Indian army staged an offensive on the Chinese.

             India is now slowly planning to construct boost the infrastructure and build numerous roads and bridges along the ALG's. The government has gone ahead and has decided to establish makeshift helipads which can be used to provide resupplies within a moment’s notice. India is now building a Mountain strike corps which enables it to mount offensive in a moment’s notice. India has now planned to Air superiority and Close Air support fighters close to the borders to enable rapid movement of the forces.

Editor Karthik kakoor 

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