Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Repeated Indian warnings to Pakistan

Repeated Indian warnings to Pakistan

      With the Modi-led government coming into power the infiltration incidents along the LOC has reduced drastically. India has repeatedly warned Pakistan of retaliation if Pakistan sticks to unprovoked firing. Since the October escalation there has been no significant incidents of border violations and infiltrations. In October, India resorted heavy firing in reply to Pakistan’s unproved across the LOC. Pakistan met with heavy retaliation from BSF which was backed by the army. Officials across the border say they were caught off guard and the scale of retaliation India showcased was unexpected and claimed Indian forces intended to destroy Pakistani sponsored hide outs and said India retaliated with light artillery even if small fire was fired.

       This threatened Pakistan and demoralized its forces which were involved in routine border violations. Since India put up a firm resistance violations have reduced to a great extent. This deterred Pakistan from trying anything across border but Pakistan’s hybrid warfare propaganda seems to have taken a high beat. Pakistan has been providing assistance to anti Indian elements in Kashmir to fight against the   Indian soldiers and plans to show Indian army activities as illegal, rallies and protests have turned out to be events specially meant to assault Indian forces.

       On the eastern front the situation is no different rather its more complicated. China is developing infrastructure and facilities across the border at its wimps and is surely claiming every inch of land. The border shared with China is plagued with hostile weathers which has been one of the biggest hindrances in securing this border. The threat of Chinese infiltrating areas around the border has increased considerably and the Chinese have proved their stand towards the disputed areas. 
    Naxal activities along these areas have also increased exponentially and it is widely believed that the naxals are strongly backed by Chinese forces which have are not only believed to be supporting them financially but also are supplying them with modern weaponry.

       The Home ministry has taken note of these developments seriously and is working to towards the betterment of India by solving these internal conflicts. The once neglected forces serving under the Home Ministry have now received modern weaponry and gear. Several other programs to better the morale of these forces has been initiated by the ministry.

        There have been no concrete evidences to prove Pakistani connection to the internal conflicts in the far north but what can be proved at this time is the links to various Pakistani radical groups. Even though India government has not publicly stated the state links for these activities it has criticized Pak for nurturing the radical elements. Through the diplomatic channels India has repeatedly raised the issue not just with Pakistan but also with foreign delegations and with the UN, which has been trying to harbor piece between the nations..

   Pakistani flags being used in rallies have been a common sight in Kashmir and seem this fever has gripped the south with incidents being reported in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The rising tension within the top most northern state is of at most importance to the government. The measures the government can implement here has been nullified largely in the name of humanity which seems to be really missing in the torn parts of J&K.

     Door to door operation within the country is unacceptable.  With unity being used as the biggest tool Indian forces have failed to zero in on suspects who have been against the existence of India’s sovereignty.

          A stabilized and peaceful India can be attained only if the internal inflicts are solved, solving the problems at the border is a task that the army and MoD have been running successfully for quite some time.  and prosperity such door to door operations needed, last year Israel carried out massive door to door operation in Gaza city Khan Younis, the place where most of the Rockets launched towards Israel. The Israeli Intelligence along with IDF carried out door to door operations and Killed almost 600+ Anti Israeli activities, who also carried out Rocket launches towards Israel, the International media sponsored by Arabs cried a lot, but Israel didn't were reluctant and continued its Operations.

    So the same kind of operations is needed, the Kashmir Tral city is a red  zone where most anti Indian elements operators being sheltered, door to door operation in Tral could end the pro- Pakistani propaganda war against India.

   While India successfully managed to stop border infiltrations, It's  time to enforce laws in Kashmir and make the people realize J&K is a part of India and shall always be a part of India.
 Editor Karthik Kakoor

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