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NAG-The Cobra Missile

NAG-The Cobra Missile

land based Test
     Nag is another good Project managed by the DRDO under BDL- Bharath Dynamics Limited, which is a less weight low range Anti tank guided missile, which can be used in all combat situations to destroy enemy Tanks and other Armour columns. the Nag project launched early 2008, with Kick backs and all, it's just get inducted into the Army's Anti Tank Columns.

          The Nag comes with some set of Anti armour missiles, like Ground launched and Air launched, the low weight low range Anti tank guided missile is different Technology, where only less number of countries are achieved good Results, India also in the list with the Nag missile.

Land Based Nag- NAMICA

Namica Launcher

    NAMICA means Nag missile carrier usually a modified BMP can carry eight of such missiles for Anti armour purpose, namica is the initial version of nag program. for Army use, here namica uses IIR seekers to identify and lock the Target, The IIR is a Imagining Infrared Seeker, which can choose and lock the Target before Launching, which means some third party chooses the Target and feed it to the Nag and Nag take care of the Target on it's own, something like same Fire and forget mode. 

       Nag  uses Line of sight for target and launch the Missiles against the threat, which is a slight disadvantages due to the limitation of IIR seeker, It needed the Target which would be visible by the Missile when launching, the same will be replaced by mmW ( Milli meter wave )  seeker, which can allows the Launcher can lock the target even in encircled  area's, makes the launchers positions keep hidden during launch.

     The Nag uses the Tandem Charge for Kill, almost all new generation anti Tank missile uses the same. most Tanks comes with  Explosive reactive Armour to make the tank more powerful during enemy direct fire and Heavy weapon fire, with the Tandem Charge, the first warhead penetrate or make a small hole in the Tanks armour then explode the main charge inside the Tank, makes the Target 100% destroyed. 

       the Name Nag comes from the Missile Trajectory, which follows the Cobra, the missile uses Top Attack mode, means once you launch the Missile it can fire high and Mark the Tanks Back side where Tanks armour is in lesser, and hit the Target, most Anti tank missiles uses the same technology for Higher Kill probablity.

The rated range is known as Four Kilometers 

        The Army Already inducted some good numbers of Nag missiles and NAMICA launchers after series of successful tests, the numbers not available in public.

Air Launched Nag- Helina

Helina From ALH Rudra

  The Modified version of Nag is used to Carry by Airborne platforms like Helicopter and Aircrafts, since Aircrafts project comes with mmW and long range, currently Helina comes in LCH, ALH Rdra and some other UAV platforms,

      the Helina is same but it can have some good features, like lock on after launch, non line of sight and more Range, here it's being believed that Helina uses the mmW seeker for better performance and able to perform LOAL modes,

        Helina already successfully fired from Helicopters and soon will be inducted into Airborne platforms like  ALH Rudra, and pictures emerged that Rustom one fitted with two Helina Missiles. the Airborne version also makes progress and soon will be inducted.

Helina launching from ALH Rudra

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