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Indian Army Basic Fire Arm issue

Indian Army Basic Fire Arm issue 

Indian Army Para Commandos with TAR 21
      It's been addressed many times, even the last UPA regime and current BJP government, But still the Army using decades old AK series for Counter insurgency and faulty INSAS for conventional warfare. since problems in such fire arms the government bought only some numbers of modern assault rifles specially for special forces, those models include M 4 and TAR 21 models,

      And the army went for buy modern rifles from abroad, since the Indian versions still lacks the quality and manufacturing, Army shortlisted four international vendors and tested their models, but unfortunately all four failed in the High altitude conditions Janes reported. and the effective trails of multi caliber infantry weapon system  also put on forward, the Army also looking to place additional order of TAR rifles which were produced under license,

       So far Indian Army has more than  one million active soldiers. which divided into some 350+ battalions each comprising some 800 Soldiers, battalions also divided into four companies comprising 200 Soldiers for each company, which is also divided into three platoons, each having sixty Soldiers commanded by a Junior Commissioned officer, Here each soldiers specialized in his department whether Gunner, Marksman, Radio man,and Medic

      Actually each platoons have special Marksman Sniper Rifles, Anti Tank missiles, MANPAD's, Machine gunner and Assault team, when we looks their equipments, It's small shock since they using obsolete equipments, from Assault rifles to Anti tank guided missiles too, Here the level of shortage.

Assault Rifles for Army
the MCIWS which replaces the INSAS

       Assault Rifles are the first and foremost infantry fire arms, there is no replacements in the sight to change  where OFB comes with  MCIWS which is being in development stages, and the MCIWS is the only current Assault rifle in option to Replace the old INSAS, the MCIWS firstly revealed in the Def Expo 2014, and as of now three prototypes developed which is in development trails, the MCIWS can fire both 5.56mm and 7.62mm standard Rifles by  changing the Rifle Barrel only.

Carbines- CQB

Coast Guard with AMOGH 5.56mm
       Carbines are used for close battle situations, such as special operations, and counter insurgency. Indian Army using specialized variants of Ak series rifles for this role called AKM , and recently some good numbers of  M4 and TAR 21 bought by the Army for special operations.the CQB deal scrapped due to all the Four contenders Rifle Failed in some Trails, The Barretta ARX 160, TAR 21 and M4,  The OFB also presented it's AMOGH 5.56mm carbine, Some of the Coast Guard using AMOGH rifles as of Now.


Dedicated Sniper Rifle .338 Laupua Magnum
        So far Army relay's on the vintage soviet era Sniper Rifle Dragnov, for Sniper ops and using Indian made Vidhwansak for Anti material use, since the Dragnov not effective to penetrate modern ballistic vests, the SVD is not actually a pure Sniper, It's a Designated Marksman Rifle only for Sharp shooting, It's time to modernize with new generation Sniper Rifles. earlier the NSG went for Heckler Hock  MSG 90 and some bough US made baretta M 82 .50 cal Modern Sniper, currently most of them uses .339 laupua magnum bullets operated sniper Rifles.

Machine Gun

IMI Negev 7.62mm LMG
   For continuous fire support, heavy friendly fire support and Suppressing fire gives boost to the friendly forces to allow and move their positions, changing their magazines and simulating targets. mean time enemy pinned down for continuous fire from our side, India operates some tri pod version of Heavy machine guns and some unknown numbers of Older version of PKM Light Machine guns, who is 7.62 mm Caliber, for battle support,Army also plans to replace those vintage MG with modern light weight Machine guns. as per known details most of the MARCOS,IAF Garuds ,swat teams of Punjab,chattisgarh,Octopus unit of hyderabad. who using the IWI Negev 7.62 Machine Guns, It's believed that Negev is going to replace all existing LMG from Indian Forces.

Anti Tanks

  Army uses second generation Milan ATGM, which will be replaced soon by more powerful Israeli made Spike ATGM systems, the ministry already cleared the deal, but no time line available about the delivery,


Army is in evaluation trails of new generation MANPAD system, since Army have only less numbers of soviet era Igla MANPADS, as per details the Army soon announce the winner and start negotiating about procuring some thousand plus systems. so far Russian made Igla S leading the Trails,

BFJ,Helmet and NVD

No informations available yet, since it's too many times the Ministry scrapped the deal of Helmets and BFJ, and no informations about the Night Vision devices.

mini UAV

Almost all other Army's have battlefield UAV's, Indian army also evaluating some Indian private company's UAV's, the American Raven UAV also in consideration.   

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