Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IAF to take part in Ex Indra Dhanush in UK,Red Flag in US

IAF to take part in Ex Indra Dhanush in UK,Red Flag in US

    The Indian Airforce planning to boost it's capability by performing combat exercises with foreign forces, Indian Air force already have good friends in west where Western and Indian Fighters teaming and study about the possible future threats and know how to thwart such moves.

        It's earlier the Indian Airforce engaged with the American Fighters in India during 2004 for a combat exercise named Cope Thunder, which shows the Indian Fighter Pilots ability by proving score much higher than the American Fighters.

        As per news sources the Indian Air force Planned two series of Exercise one in UK this year another one US in coming year. The Indian and British pilots already engaged in a combat exercise during early 2010, the Indira Dhanush. which was planned between India and Britain, earlier in 2004, 06, and 2010 Indian pilots roared the British skies with British counterparts. after 2010 without any prior notice India didn't involved any air combat exercise with  Britain.

       But it's been confirmed that India will be there in UK for Ex India Dhanush scheduled on July, India Plans to field Su 30 MKI front line fighters with additional support of  IL 78 Mid air refulers, It's suspected that India also fields it's MiG 29 UPG and Phalcon AWACS also.

        Another good news is India once again to take part the world Famous Red Flag exercise, This is the second time India going to part of the exercise, earlier in 2008 India deployed the Su 30 MKI against the American aggressive Squadron flying with F 15, Normally the reports are secret who is winner what is the score like questions, But some leaked information pitched positive views both side,

            Earlier last week IAF Chief visited Neveda Airbase and briefed about the Red Flag exercise and It's importance by US airforce Marshals.

       Within seven years India changed so much, It's the time to show the Indian Air force strength once again in UK and US,

        It's needed to exercise with foreign countries Fighter jets to study lot much about foreign fighting tactics, and threat handling methods, since those exercise can be done only with Friendly Nations. India always get some, earlier this year IAF successfully complete the Garuda Exercise with French. 

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