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With Mighty Navy, India warns China over South China Sea

With Mighty Navy, India warns China over South China Sea

Indian Ships in Vietnam Port

       South China Sea is one of the most after sought areas. The area is filled with vast areas of oil reserves and natural gas, but all of these areas are in the territorial waters of Vietnam and Philippines. The South China Sea under the Chinese control has failed to fetch any of these reserves. China has time and again shown its presence in the area by projecting its power using its Navy. Vietnam has already started exploration in this water with the help of India thus setting off a race for the South China Sea.

          China has tried with its might to take control of the oil fields. China has also explored options to either buy or lease these oil rich fields. But Vietnam has turned down this request and has shown loyalty to Indian exploration companies and the tempo has been reciprocated by Indian companies which have already started looking options to explore these fields. 

      Indian Navy has helped secure these oil fields which have only set off bells in Beijing. China has tried to check India’s onward move to the open sea and has sought to setup Naval bases in Islands across South China Sea. China has conducted various Naval exercises along the Spratley Paracel Islands, and has also released statements about disputes in the area.
       China has setup the ADIZ zone which prevents any American Patrol near the troubled South China sea, where American have bases in Philippines and Taiwan and have used to conduct scheduled patrols over the Horizon to prevent Chinese presence in that area.  America has time and again provoked the control of China by flying over the ADIZ zone. China has warned India about exploring oil reserves in the disputed waters and has time and again said any activities in the troubled waters will only provoke action by the Chinese navy.
       But Recently India too has warned China that it would use its naval force to secure its interest in South China Sea and Chinese Military watchers too have expressed concerns over the activities of Indian Nay along the troubled Spratly and Paracel Islands.

     But the message has been aired clearly to China "India will not hesitate to use Naval Power to protect its economic interest in South China Sea if the need arises"

Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (C) shakes hands with his counterpart Narendra Modi (R) as Dung's wife Tran Thanh Kien looks on during Dung's ceremonial reception at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on 28 October 2014. Reuters/Adnan Abidi

Indo Vietnam Naval Officials on board a Vietnam Naval Ship

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