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US Think Tank, US must Arm Indian Navy

US Think Tank, US must Arm Indian Navy

Only available IAC 2 Vishaal Artistic representation Model

     Ashley J Tellis Released a research paper saying the US must Arm the Indian Navy to defeat the Chinese Navy in each and Every aspects, Since it's a Threat to Indian Ocean region both Indian and American interests, Tellis was worked as a US state Advisor, member of Indian Civil Nuclear Disunion bench, senior adviser to US Ambassador to India.

    It's been a discussion between Indian and US government that supplying US's most advanced EMAL aircraft launching system to Indian Navy, since discussion going through Navy freeze the designing works of Indian Nuke powered Carrier IAC 2.

      Ashley addressed many times to the US congress about the Chinese advancement in Indian Ocean, which will be controlled only by arming the Indians without any delays,

      He also urged the US government that they should speed up the negotiations to supply the EMAL systems to the Indian Navy, not only but US should support the Indian Naval shipbuilders to design the IAC 2, he also says that US should not hesitate to supply the modern carrier borne AEW system the E2 D Hawk, and the Fifth Gen CATOBAR capable F 35 C. which allows the Indian Navy to secure and get upper edge to rival's air wing.

      He also pressed the US congress to assign a partnership between Indian and American SEA commands to work jointly for securing the Indian Ocean and controlling the Chinese deterrence  patrol in IOR, also urged to help Indian navy to design the Nuclear reactor which is going to be placed in the carrier. and US industry should assist Indian Ship builders to construct Bigger ships in Indian docks.

         The US assistance to the Indian Navy should send a strong Signal to the PLAN and Chinese Government. he also urged US congress to step in Indian defense sector how Israel and Russia acting Indian interests.

           The same above was reflected to US Senator John McCain briefed by the carniage in sep last year, reflects the Obama's trip to India this year and both agreed to jointly work on the aircraft Carrier Technology Sharing and Design. The New government in India understand the importance of the Indian Ocean and arising threats of Chinese activities around IOR. that's the move was pulled by the New Modi government by Visiting and Hosting the US.

         Indian Navy operating Carrier for more than half a century and used in almost all war battled by India. but never engaged in a bigger Naval battle, thus Pakistani Navy is too small and Indians CG alone take care of them, The Indian Navy building it's fleet to Fight against the Chinese Naval fleet, as Americans Helps the Japanese and South Korean Navy's to Compete against the Chinese Navy, It's time to Build the Indian Navy fully optimized to Fight against entire Chinese Navy.

       Tellis also mentioned the Modi's initiative plans of setting up coastal reconnaissance Radars across IOR and also refurbish Ancient Indian Relationship with Countries like Mauritius and Seychelles. there is no doubt that irked the Chinese so much.    

         The Submarines operated by the Chinese Navy is also worse the Indian Navy's operational capabilities, many times Indians managed to identify the Chinese vessels closely patrolling near to Indian waters. but if they comes with Aircraft carriers the vision is totally different. which is a model of gun boat diplomacy,

         But India's favorable land based Air strips in Andaman gives upper edge to the Indian Navy also, a quick target for Chinese too. since it can't be mobilized.

          The Author and the Veteran Think tank  not only mentioned the Naval architect but briefed  Indian Fighting capabilities against China and the American role in Indian Defence too, you can download the research paper in below link 

the Advanced E 2D AEW

US marines V 22

EMAL system

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