Sunday, April 5, 2015

Death Toll Reached by 147 in Kenyan University Attack

Death Toll Reached by 147 in Kenyan University Attack

Inside the University

   Three days ago when Indian Media's busy about some Political Comments and Broadcasting it to world's biggest Internet Population, the Al Shabab Militants silently kills more than 147 Peoples which includes majority of Young Students.

     It's in the Morning in Kenyan University, some ten plus masked gun man rammed the University gates and entered inside the campus, by Killing two of the Gate keepers, within a moments four other Masked gun men detonated bombs, which results four Al shabab kills and several other University worker, the four were Sucide attackers,

     When the detonation rocks the Campus, more than 500+ Students managed to escape from the Campus, But more than 100 Students trapped inside their class rooms while they preparing for their examination.

       The Militants not only have Automatic Rifles, they came with Grenades and suicide bombers to make heavy damage to the Students. here again they beheaded some Hostages and allows Muslim students to go out of the Campus, Al Shabab beheaded some of the Christian Students inside the Class room Sky news quotes some Kenyan Police Officials.

       the Al shabab taken most of the girls as Hostages and executed them inside the class room, a escaped Student told in Social media, while girls are not able to escape from the Compounds.

    The Kenyan Security forces later comes and tries to save the Hostages but G-D sakes they Killed all the Hostages, and they detonated themselves by ending the Siege.

RIP Students

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