Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chinese Stealth Bomber

Chinese Stealth Bomber

Model of Chinese Bomber with four cruise Missiles
      Recent days there were hundreds of arts speculating proposed model of Chinese next generation sub sonic stealth bomber, where Americans are already a leader in both subsonic and supersonic Stealth and non stealth Bombers, Now the Russians who planning to build a Next generation stealth Bomber without saying sub or super sonic concepts, So Chinese too stepped with this Long Range bombers.

        As of now Americans only have good bombers with stealth low Flying Supersonic Swept wing Bomber the Lancer B 1, second of that B 2 which is a Long Range subsonic super stealth Bomber, B 52 comes only third of it because of it's length payload and hard points makes it-decent standoff capability.

       When comes to Russia, they also have a  supersonic swept wing Bomber, but don't have good stealth aspects, and they were upgrading it to compete in future Battles, so they have also a requirement of Long range bomber, Russians already have a program named PAK DA but the project was shelved due to budget problems, they have some Tu 22 Supersonic bombers they are not a bombers but it's a Cruise Missile carriers originally designed to Strike US Navy Ships.

      China planning a good Bomber, but they lacks in serious aeronautics structures to build or invent Bigger Aircraft suitable for Military bombers unlike western and Americans they have bigger facilities and technical advantages compared to China, There were pictures art of Chinese bombers ever three months rolled out in internet. but they were easily debunked by Internet based military analysts. This time too Chinese fan boys bring an Model, showing a mix of YF 23, PAK DA model and Su 34 cockpit and carrying four Long range Cruise missiles two in each wings.

     But this looks better improved than the previously published Model of Chinese Bombers.

    The Picture seems nothing but a good art without good aero structural knowledge the Air intakes are good examples for that, they looks for the Internal weapons bays bigger so they shifted the Air intake above the airframe, but missed it's size.

The picture seems crazy cause it was flying above the Japanese Senaku Diyou Islands, I sure Japanese comes with a Picture of F 2 hunting a chines bomber above senaku Islands.

Chinese Bomber above Senaku Islands

Russian Model of PAK DA Bomber

Russian Bomber Model

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