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Situation in Yemen

Situation in Yemen

Houti Rebels Outpost somewhere near Sana

         It's again a worsening Situation and a Full scale Air war in Middle East this time it's near to border of leader in Arab Nation, Yemen is sharing it's most border with Saudi Arabia. unlike other Muslim countries there were Shia majority otherwise Sunni Majority. which makes the country little peace from Religion extremists. but in Yemen it's different. it's having equal number of Sunni shia Population, So there is always a clash between both of them. recent days the situation becomes more worsen. the key to the Situation led by the Houti Rebels. with peoples support they successfully operating freely along the state. each every government in the world has biased, here is also the same. last September Bunch of Houthi rebels  who were inspired by the Shia government from Iran tries to stop the Saudi influence in Yemen, for developing it's Strategic Interests near to the Saudi Border, where Saudi and Iran were enemies since decades.

       The Houti rebels successfully thrown out the Yemeni President and the elected prime minister from the Power and seized the Control of Government. for the next few days they take full control of Yemeni Capital and the biggest city of Yemen Sana. and they conducted regular patrols along the captured cities and Presidents palaces. and most of the Government forces also switched their side to Houti Rebels. that gives Houthi more power. and they placed a puppet government in the presidents Palaces. One side Sunni Dominated ISIS in Iraq sponsored sunni Middle east government other side Shia Dominated Houti Rebels sponsored by Iranian Government. even after the puppet government the  houtis not satisfied his action so again they retake the control of President's Palace. and themselves decided to Place a Revolutionary Committee same like Caliph in ISIS.

     And the beginning of 2015 makes worse the situation by Bombings and beheading in Yemen done by Houtis against Sunni Citizens inside Yemen. the government forces almost lost it's control of most of Populated cities around Yemen and It's capital. they also taken control of the Yemen's Biggest Port city Aden by Capturing Aden Airport and Port most of the International Airliners stopped it's service some of them runs only by their governments requests to bring their nationals from the war torn country. at the end of January bunch of Peoples rally's in Yemens Aden city by showing it's solidarity with the Houti rebels shouting Slogans of Death to America Death to Israel and of-course crush the Jews. their numbered more than some ten thousands.

     The beginning of February Iran starts shipping of Anti Air craft Missiles and Fighter Jets to the Yemen's Aden Port to equip the Houti's to fight against the pro government forces and saving them from the big arab master Saudi Arabia. after situation worsening during the Months Houtis taken control of more number of Cities and almost gather more number of Fighters to their Team. Meanwhile due to the Situation Most of the western and Arab embassies withdrew it's officials from Yemen and bring back to them respective countries.

     Meanwhile Indian External Ministry also warned that Indian should avoid Traveling Yemen. and the embassy also arranged special facilities to evacuate Indians from Yemen. there were Reported that some 5000 Indians there in Yemen at February.

          Middle of the March 2015, the Sunni Terrorists  inside Yemen carried out a Biggest Suicidal attack against a Shia Mosque in Sana that killed more than some 150 lives. and ISIS taken responsibility of that attack showing it's resistance towards Houti domination inside Yemen. when Sunni Shia situation worsens most of the Foreigners get off from Yemen. and US also evacuated it's Special operational forces who assist the Earlier government to tackle Al qaida Militants and Shia insurgents.

      when situation worsening more the Yemeni interim president escaped from Yemen using a Fishing boat and his status unknown that was happens March 25,  on the end of  March 25 KSA announced war against Yemen named Operation Deceive Storm to end the Houti domination inside Yemen. earlier they warned both Iranian and Houtis to stop advancing further if do so Saudi will attack them for the instance Saudi Started Mobilizing it's massive hundred thousand army Backed by Bigger Armored column and moved near to the Yemeni Border. also asked the GCC countries to participate in the strike.

    on March 26 earlier 1'o clock the Saudi Fighter Tornodo and F 15 Strike Eagels started it's first Attack run, that was meant to attack and destroy entire Houti and Yemeni Air defence Missiles such as newly supplied Irani Fabricated Soviet era KUB SAM missiles which the same model who downs the MH 17 in Ukraine by Russian Separatists.  by countinously strike those targets early Morning Saudi Defence Minister Announce that Saudi Gained Complete Air superiority around the Yemeni Air space destroying most of the Yemeni MiG 29 in grounds. possibly the intel provided by Americans they claimed after the Attack. they also blocked the Yemen Aden Port and further stopping the Resupply of arms through Sea routes,

        March 26, 2015 at 6.00 GMT Saudi announced that the Aden Port the complete Yemeni Sea under control of Saudi Government and closed both the Air and Naval routes, and restricted the sea and Air space till next words from Saudi Government, here too Saudi get assistance from Most of the GCC and non GCC Arab Muslim Countries, they too part of the attack by providing fighter jet sorties and Joining the Attack missions, importantly Jordan Qatar and UAE. Also Pakistan and Egypt also promised to take part of this operation. Saudi also Planned to be bigger ground offensive inside Yemen to demolish the Houtis.

        As of now most of the Countries Supported the Saudi Led Operation. and giving testimonials to the Saudi government, but still there is no words from Countries like  China and Russia, and Iran said in a official statement that Saudi should stop attacking Yemen and further said that these attacks only worsen the situation more worsen. one thing to remember that Saudi didn't ask permission from UN to carry out the Strikes.

       But as Indian Point of view, as of now we have to Bring back our 3500 Indian Nationals along Yemen. MEA setup ed special mission in SANA, that would help Indians to go back India Safely.  


Houti's Posing infront of BUK sam

Houti's In Patrol

Houti Outpost

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