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RAW in Sri Lankan Presidential Election

RAW in Sri Lankan Presidential Election

The Known unknown NIA Agents

The known unknown SPG

      The island country in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka recently hosted the Presidential election. Sri Lanka being a democratic country went before the people to choose a leader for the next five years to rule the country. On 8th January 2015 the country went to polls. Maithripala Srisena of the SLFP and incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa of the UNP were the candidates. The mandate of the people was accounted for on 10th the January. Maithripala Srisena won the elections piping Rajapaksha from the post of President. Rajapaksha who had served as the president for almost a decade had a very soft stand towards China and Pakistan which had changed India’s view towards Colombo. Rajapaksha had tilted towards China and had shown his interest towards China signing various deals with the communist backed country. Rajapaksha actively moved towards being part of the China’s over ambitious “Pearl of Strings “plan. What really caught the attention of India’s top command was the docking of two ‘nuclear powered’ submarines in Sri Lankan controlled port. The Sri Lankan command failed to warn New Delhi of any docking as they should have under a standing agreement. Indian government was further irked with Sri Lankan forces harassing Indian flagged Trawlers and many a times capturing the trawlers. 

        The docking of the Chinese SSN and it’s passage through the IOR without Indian counterpart being kept in dark was considered one of the greatest strategic failures of Indian Government. It was crucial for India to keep Sri Lanka sailing along with it, India is land locked in the north with all times enemies Pakistan and China as the neighbors. If China would take Sri Lanka with its course and had Sri Lanka changed its stand towards India, India would have been encircled by hostile forces. The status quo had to be returned and with the elections Indian government sensed an opportunity and RAW was pu in charge of changing the course of the poll.

     Sensing Rajapaksha’s closeness to Chinese leaders, RAW tried reversing his long time partner and his Minister for Health Maithripala Srisena. Maithripala was made to quit UNP and joined the SLFP and become the fore runner for the post of president in no time. It’s rumored Maithripala had the full support of  Indian government throughout the campaign and in return Maithripala had promised full support to Indian campaigns thereafter.

      The news of RAW’s involvement was known only when the Station Chief of Colombo was summoned back after the Rajapaksha government pressed for the termination of Indian mission in Colombo. Sensing a major diplomatic fall out the Indian government summoned back the station chief.  Soon after the results were made public Rajapaksha openly criticized the Indian Government and blamed the involvement of RAW in his lose.

         The New government led by Maithripala openly showed it’s willingness to sail along with the Indian government and the first foreign visit of Maithripala after the elections was to India. The president also showed keen interest in welcoming Indian investment and ventures in Sri Lanka. Blaming the low quality of works carried out by Chinese firms Sri lank has threatened to cancel any further ventures with China. The government has started probes in to the exciting deals and ventures being carried out by Chinese firms and has promised to back slash if the expected work quality has not been maintained.  A recent press release has confirmed that ‘ No more Chinese Warships or submarines will be allowed to dock in Sri Lankan ports if at all the agreement is to broken the Indian Government will be notified at the earliest‘.

    P.S – RAW’s involvement is only a speculation hardened by the removal of a Station Chief. RAW’s operation are a mystery and shall always remain a mystery. After all they are the crusaders of the dark. 

Editor Karthik Kakoor 

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