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Indo American Para Drop Aero India 2015

Indo American Para Drop Aero India 2015

US Army Soldier Helps Indian Para to wear the Parachute

       It was during 2004, Bush administration and Indian Defense officials concluded a pact to counter the growing threat from China, US was also keen on checking the Chinese influence in South Asia. With a common interest both the countries signed several deals strengthening the ties between the countries. To share the enhanced warfare knowledge, USA and India agreed to be involved in joint military exercises on a yearly basis.  With formalities completed the joint exercises was named ‘Yudh Abhyas’ which in English meant ‘training for war’. The exercise involved both the elite forces from Indian and American forces which mandated them to carry out small counter insurgency threat exercise to large scale nuclear attack exercise. This is believed to have drastically helped improve the capabilities of the forces.

        These exercises would last for 15 to 30 days. ‘Yudh Abhyas’ was hosted by both the Indian and American counterparts. The strength of force involved varied from 60 to 300, this included the Infantry fighting vehicles, para jumping forces, Lone attack and CRBNE (chemical, radiological, biological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives). The last episode of Yudh Abhyas exercise was hosted by the Indian forces in Uttrakand.

        It was during the Aero India 2015 that pulic got a taste of what the forces would practise in a joint operation. The crowd was being thrilled by various jaw dropping manoeuvres being displayed by various fighter aircraft and helicopters. The crowd spotted a huge aircraft and the better part of crowd identified the plane as the Boeing C 17 Globematser. It was off course an US Air force Pacific commands C 17 Globematser, the aircraft flew over Yelenkha graciously and leaned out to make a sharp turn. What followed were the scenes of drop of unknown packages from the belly door of the C17. The sky was soon lit up with small dots which started to steer down towards the crowd.  When the packages neared the rendezvous, the crowd realized it was the elite Special Forces of the Indian Army and American forces. Dressed up in black jump suits and armed with their firearms the soldiers skilfully glided towards the rendezvous and quietly walked after putting a mind blowing show. Soon the elite forces attended a press conference and briefed the media about the joint operation. Indian Army’s 2nd Parachute regiment and U.S. Army Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group was involved in the para drop. 

       Any information regarding the operation is classified and not much information is known about the mission other than the data shared by the SF’s in the press conference. Not even the information regarding the base of the Indian Army team and NSG forces involved in the operation is known. The C 17 may have been from the pacific command which has its HQ in Japan and Guam Island.

Indian Soldiers boarding into an USAF C 17, Location seems Yelenkha

NSG and Para Soldiers Boarding an another C 17 location unknown

US Army, Indian Army and NSG onboard an USAF C 17

Team Leader mission Briefing to the USAF C 17 Pilots

Army and NSG Soldiers walking for the Para Jump

Soldiers performing Para Jumping from an C 17

but the US Army released photos to the Public which was shot by Airman 1st Class Stephen G.Eigel

Editor Karthik Kakoor 

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