Monday, March 30, 2015

Bring Back our Peoples from Yemen

Bring Back our Peoples from Yemen

INS Jlashwa Amphibious Ship on the way to Gulf of Aden to Assist Indians

It's again in the Middle East. It's again the coup. But Indians way over the sea for work from Engineering to Medicine. and Kerala is the Lead State that most of them in Gulf States. most of them in Gulf states for Medical works and Engineering. It's early 2006 when India Launched a Mission to Bring Back our Citizens from Lebanon. and we did it and we safety bring back to our Brothers to India. Then in 2011 it's again a chaos situation and we have thousands of Indians inside Libya. This time too we evacuate our Peoples safely. again in 2014 when ISIS mess in Iraq. we almost airlifted some 3000 Indians include majority of Nurses. while Flights doing Sorties, Ships near to the Arabian Gulf will provide close Show off.

But this time in Yemen, It's bit late when India announced Travel emergency to Yemen. Late February and Strict advice only after Mar 25. and Told the Indians get any flight and come back to India. damn worst statement, if we are working in abroad the Passport and other Documents are Kept by the Company, and the company won't provide it quick when situation worsens. even if such conditions one can't find the exact person who having peoples passports and documents. when Operation Deceive Storm started by Arab Countries. then only our Yemen mission on Roll. and The Kerala Govt pressure also make the decision faster.  whether they pressed or not the govt already have plans to evacuate Indians from Yemen.

The first Plan is The Government will setup mission center in Sana where 3000+ Indians stranded another one in Aden where 700+ Indians stranded. here if you have passport  you can get the pass to board Indian Mission Quickly, if not you need a Identity card which proves you are Indian, then only they will issue pass and allow to board Indian Mission. Second would be Evacuate Since airspace were closed by Saudi's and Contentious AA fire over Yemen makes worse for Flights, so India plans another way, the first Plan is Board Peoples from Aden Port via Shop and drop them to the nearby friendly territory Djibouti. In Djibouti another Indian Mission board the peoples into Aircraft and bring them to Mumbai India. so here they need ships and small crafts. for this mission India  need Warships or Merchant ships escorted by warships, But India send two of it ships into Gulf of Aden Last day only   (28 march) one of the ship can carry some 1500 Personnel other would provide close escort. But the ship scheduled to arrive by Gulf of Aden by April first only.

So our peoples need by safe till April First. second would be Board Indians into Buses and Bring to Najran Saudi Arabia, but this plan will not works because of Houti mass near Saudi border and the Known Roads are not safe during such Conventional this plan shelved. but Yesterday the Saudi's did a Special Mission to evac some UN officials along with foreign an Western diplomats. Those Officials evacuated from Yemen through Flights without doubts the role of US intelligence during this rescue cum Evac Mission. on the same day a Flight from Yemeni Air Line bordered with 80 Indians landed in Djibouti, that shows our Mission in Yemen Working.

That was later confirmed by Indian Officials and Minister of External Affair, with serious of Negotiation India gets Three hours permission to use the Yemeni Air space to evac the Indians. this also confirmed by External Affairs Minister. the Yemeni Airspace still sounded by large Caliber AA rounds. which is not a good Idea to fly low. That means it cause Problem during Landing and Take off due to the Low altitude. But I sure some Friendly Air Force will provide cover to our 3 hour Air space protection to  Evac our Peoples. which can be started by March 30.

INS Makar the Hospital ship of Indian Navy

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