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USS Kitty Hawk offered to India

USS Kitty Hawk  offered to India

USS Kitty Hawk with Full Combat Load
        If you think as Positive it's positive otherwise it's Negative. because it's a Story where Indian Officials out of hands to choose whether select the USS Kity Hawk or the Russian Gorskov Aircraft Carrier. It's back in the 2006 to 2008 both nations under secret discussion to lease or Sell the US navy's old Lady the USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier. which Bush Administration keen to Provide it free of cost to India. but Sure there is some hidden agenda too.

         When America get waked up to choose the real ally's in it's new Strategy they saw the Hindustan Nation is a Rising super star in the Asia completely out of from Communism and Islamic ideology. but yea it's a Proud republic since 1947 ofcourse a honest nation who never gone for war without any reasons and will not step down to face any challenges in-front of them. when the Bush administration trying to move closer to India. when India buys a  LPD from the US as first it's become more closer. that's the USS Trenton who given to the Indian Navy as a Name of INS Jalashwa which is the biggest ever Ship expect those Aircraft Carriers.  the ship along with six other SH 3 Sea king helicopters costs only a $50 millions which is a Very good deal for us. Now come to the story.

USS Trenton Class LPD same model operating by Indian Navy as INS Jalashwa
         Actually the Kitty Hawk is not a nuclear powered warship. it's a drawback that a biggest some 65000 long ton ship runs on conventional power. and it's need thousand of crews to manage the ships handling and control the sail. unlike the CVN carriers which requires less than 100 number of crew to run the ship but both numbers are equal it's come to Aircraft handle abroad from the carrier. the US also building it's new carrier operating a ship that costs too much is also a problem to the US and the age also matters it's already served some 45 years take tough competition faced many accidents even attended the biggest Vietnam war too. so it's a Old lady. so if we think in this point that US trying to put the bankrupting carrier into someone's head. ofcourse that's us. even they want the Indian Navy should withdraw it's plan of buying 45 MiG 29 K from Russia. instead of that They should buy 45 Super hornets from US which will operated from the Kitty Hawk. and The IAF too buy the F 18 Super Hornet for it's MMRCA tender. but the MMRCA deadline irked the Indian officials to withdraw the deal.

      Actually operating a carrier is not bankrupt the Indian Navy which is one of the Best Navy in Asia. which can provide good support during the war. they operated carriers attended Naval exercises with the US Navy. and they have several other Aircraft carriers too. The Kiity Hawk seems a good deal due to it's air combat the ship is nothing but launching the sophisticated ultra modern fighters like the F 18 for Attack Role EA 6B Prowler for electronic Jamming and SEAD missions. the E 2 Analog for Airborne Early warning and act as a control center for Airborne Missions. and the C 2 greyhound for delivery platform. the all set is a complete Dominance system if it assigned to a  CBG can take out entire Middle East Navy within a hour. 

        But why we left the Offer and forward to the Gorskov and MiG 29 K. Russians unlike America they need customers they can do anything for customer because they need money so they need to be satisfy the customer. They have no problem whether you select or not the MiG 35 as a MMRCA or you don't want the Mig 29k for the Navy. but they too played game when delivering the  (Gorskov) Vikramaditya  to us. post pending the delivery date  hiking the money and so on. But Navy need the MiG 29K which is a Good platform for operating from shore based Air strips and from the Aircraft carrier both in Vikramaditya and the IAC 1.

         When the Secret only comes out after 2008 some favored the American deal. some unhappy about it. I sure those Navy guys Happy about operating a good carrier. but Air force guys don't pull themselves to Super hornet who failed the Airforce Evaluation tests. but days going we slowly moving towards the America for our Future needs

USS Kitty Hawk

USS Kitty Hawk

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