Wednesday, February 18, 2015



       The Indian Navy successfully Carried out the Naval Exercise witnessed by the Defence Minister. Tropex means Theatre Readiness Operational Level Exercise. which include the Participation of  Eastern and Western Naval Fleets which are completely Network layered with dedicated satellite support. where the INS Vikramaditya Leads the Naval Combat. the total operations are carried out inside the Vikramaditya's command room with the presence  of defence minister.

    During the missions all kind of newly installed communications and sensor systems are checked. along with the Firing Mission of INS Kokatha who launched a Brahmos Missile during the Exercise. INS Vikramaditya's Air wing MiG 29 K and the INS Viraat's air wing Harrier teamed up and patrol the EEZ and Open sea's. The Navy's Ka 27 snooping for submarine Activities. Destroyers fired NSV 12.7mm Guns along with the Main Gun. 

      A Sam missile also launched to intercepted a fast moving cruise missile. the Navy didn't said anything about which SAM used which missile intercepted. 


Brahmos Fired from INS Kolkatha 

 Mig 29 K operating abroad INS Vikramaditya

 INS Vikramaditya Leading the Fleet
Special Forces Landing Abroad Vikramaditya from a sea King Helicopter 

 Defence Minister abroad the INS Vikramaditya
Parikkar on the MiG 29

Admiral Dhowan and Pariikar
Admiral Dhowan Explaining Parrikar about the Operation

Parikkar with Vikramaditya Air Crew

Group photo with Team INS Vikramaditya

 Indian Navy Cheetah fying above INS Viraat
Naval Carrier Battle Group
Firing Exercise in Night @ unidentified launch
NSV 12.7mm Machine Gun Firing
NCC Students abroad on the Ship in TROPEX 2015


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