Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rise of ISIS

ISIS Expanding it's Wings 

The Imaginary Caliphate of Islamic State

     The ISIS in form of spreading it's wing to manage control of imaginary caliphate, once they declared the Beginning of Fallujha Attack in Iraq. their manifesto initially shown an image which colored by Black known as the Caliphate that is from Southeast India to western African country Morocco.  since everyone joked about the caliphate plan because of such big land mass. but they forget to think the terrorists groups operating on the soil. when some ISIS affiliated groups in Libya earlier decapitated 21 Egypt Christians they waked up and call for a Collation strike too. the Italy among the one said they are ready to lead the mission. Libya and Italy divided by a small length of sea only. they don't need those barbarians near their door steps. when Boko Haram operated in Central African countries already raised his voice and openly announced their Alliance with the ISIS and help to spread the Caliphate around captured territories. they also announced some of the captured territories are under the ISIS Caliphate. Caliphate is run by a Muslim cleric who is the supreme leader their rules are Islamic sharia law whoever disobey the laws they would be detained as per sharia Law.    

      The Another threat is the lone wolf's. most of the European countries and others also feared lone wolf attacks early known as sleeper cells. they are inspired by the victory of ISIS. misguided words from Muslim extremists, and hates over other religious peoples, the first wave staged in the Sydney Australia end of last year, continued France and Poland, when they alerted about such attacks the Europe countries alone arrested some thousand lone wolf's ready to stage attacks on the Nations. also numbers are increasing those inspired foreigners joining with the ISIS. lets see the Countries extremists who are all  willing to join the ISIS.
the ISIS Ba$tards


    Algerians are mostly Sunni Islamist nearly 98 % of them, last September a group who's Al qaida's north African attachment. who decapitated a french mountaineer. they also raised pro Islamic quotes and gives credits to the ISIS. According to Aljazeera Report at least 100 Algerians announced themselves as the Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria. but no more recent Major attacks are co ordinates within Algeria. but still an emerging threat.  


    The known unstable state in the northern corner of Africa just adjacent to the Europe, just some 300 miles, a Fishing crawler is enough to land in the Italy from Libya. Recently there are some refugees from Libya and other African countries comes to the Italy using some decommissioned Cargo ships. there is more possibilities of Some sleeper cells too infiltrate within the asylum seekers.  also recent beheading of Egypt national and their announcement regarding the Caliphate is seriously concerned by both Italy and Egypt, where Egypt carry out attacks against those terrorists in Libyan State. after Iraq and Syria Libya is the most dominate ISIS controlled place. estimated some 1500 Libyans are  ISIS members operating inside Libya.


   Egypt also composed by 80% of Sunni Islamist. but they calm and no harm to other nations. they carry out attacks against Terrorists. Joining with Israel to take out Terrorists in Sinai peninsula more and more. as of now Sinai is the only unstable place in Egypt. But they deployed their Armed forces to protect their interests. last some terrorists attacks in Sinai carried out by ISIS operating within Egypt. as of now 2000 Egypt citizens are ISIS currently within their Country. 

Central Africa

Boko Haram which is a largest terrorist org within central Africa claimed to be part of the ISIS. they are most deadliest evil humans in the earth after the ISIS. Their is an NGO estimates some 20,000 Africans killed by the Boko haram. mainly Nigeria, CHAD and Niger, the french taken care of the CAR and MALI once the colony's of France, French deployed forces in the Countries to fight against the Terrorists. The Number of Boko Haram terrorists may upto 3000-5000. 


      Another nation with 95% of Sunni Muslims. they are the part of US led Collation to carryout Recon and Collect intelligence over the ISIS position in Iraq. soon after ISIS managed to shot down a F 16 with it's Igla's later they burned the Piolt Alive which angers the Jordan Monarch leading Heavily attacking the ISIS positions. while the US fighters provide Air cover those Jordanian F 16 pound and scored some 500 ISIS kills as of now. but southern Jordan who sharing borders peoples are more pro ISIS and went to Syria to fight against the Shia militants and the  Assad Regime. It's calculated that some 5000 Jordanians are part of the ISIS. 


      A leader of world Terrorism with all state power, have UN Seat, have Nuke warheads everything but still a Largest terrorists supporter in the Globe, most attacks carried out in Foreign states are prepared in Bakistan, they are also give asylum to any kind of Terrorists. they hide the Osama Bin Laden near to an Bakistani Army Base, later US take out OBL without noticing Pakistan. the TTP well kown Tehrik I Taliban of Bakistan most of it's members are pro ISIS and claimed they are fighting for the ISIS. TTP controls some Federally Administered area also called as FATA. till now they didn't announce the Caliphate, 

  As per Latest analysis some 3,00,000 from various country terrorists, and hidden lone wolf are within the part of ISIS group.

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