Thursday, February 19, 2015

P 17 A Next Gen Stealth Frigate

P 17 A Next Gen Stealth Frigate 

Artistic Representation of P 17 A Frigate
    Frigates are known by Defensive ships packs no. of Defensive suits to defeat enemy Missiles Submarines. they designed to  escort Destroyers Aircraft carriers even sometime Huge Merchant vessels too. Basically frigates are designed to intercept and destroy incoming missiles and fight against submarines, nowadays those frigates too armed with Land Attack cruise missiles and Anti shipping missiles.

    The Indian navy operates Fifteen fleet defense Frigates. half of those are new generation multi role stealth frigates can do Anti air anti sub along with good striking capability too. the Navy plans add more frigates to it's fleets those should be designed to compete future modern battles. for that they should be designed as stealth and land attack capability too. They initially planned to induct some seven Stealth  next gen Multi role Frigates under the code name Project P 17 A.

    The cabinet committee on security approved to build seven Frigates under Project P 17A with the initial budget allocation of INR 4000 Crore. while the overall cost estimated at INR 50,000 Crore. four of the P 17 A constructed in  Mazagon Docks other three of them will be built in Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers. to accelerate the delivery CCS chooses two Ship builders both in India.

     As of now the Shivalik class frigates are new and most advanced frigates in Indian Navy those new Frigates even be better than those Shivaliks, having more stealth characteristics and Weapon and processing system.

      Those new frigates house the more sophisticated Israeli MF STAR which will be installed in the Kolkatha Class destroyers. that include the weapon package of New Generation Indo Israeli Barak 8 missile system. along with another set of Russian made shitil SAM system with the pack of 8 to 16 Brahmos land attack cruise missile or Anti ship missile or combined set, along with Nirbhay LACM. with decent CIWS support. also during the 2010 the initial talks about the P 17 A the Americans offered as the AEGIS combat management systems to our P 17 A.

INS Sahyadri a Shivalik class stealth Multirole Frigate

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