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Airbus A 330 MRTT supply Tankers to IAF

Airbus A330 MRTT 

Australian Hornets Readies for refuel from A 330 MRTT

     To Boost the Fighter Jets Range Ariel Refuel Tanker Plane is the Only Option .While Flying at some 200+ miles as Speed The Plane can refuel the Fighters on the Air to Stay in the Air for more and More Time So you Never ran out of Fuel.Currently all of the Major Air force's have Ariel Refulers which can boost their Fighters long time to Patrol and Allowing the Fighter to Perform Long Range Missions.

           Right now the Indian Airforce operating the Ilyushin IL 76 based Ariel Refueler Tanks knows as IL 78 MKI. Currently IAF Operates Nearly 7 numbers of those Platform to refuel it's Fighters .Since IAF Don't want Long range Missions. interestingly most of the enemy positions within the Radii of Fighters Jets Normal Combat Radius. Actually the IAF modified the IL 78 Tanker with the Support of Israeli firms by Changing the Normal  Fuel Transferring system into Israeli made fuel-transferring systems and Some Indian Components made the IL 78 MKI name and Suits better option for Adopting IAF Requirements. 

Two IAF Su 30 MKI Refueling from IL 78 MKI ©Bharat Rakshak

          Actually the IL 78 can Refuel Three Fighters in same time which having three hose and drogue air refueling pods. two in the Wings and one in the Backside which repalced by the Cargo door.  The IL 78 had two mega Fuel tanks inside the Cabin. Each can Hold some 18,000 liters of Aviation fuel. still having able to carry some 50 tons of Cargo . Once the IL 78 Fully ready for Provide service to the Fighters it can Refuel some Ten  Su 30 MKI Fighters with in Thirty  Minutes.

           While Generation ahead The IAF decide to Modernize the IAF Fleet by adding more Fighters and Support Platfoms. The IAF decided Buy upto Eight Airbus A 330 MRTT which is a Heavy Air Refuel Tanker Next to the American KC 10 Extender. who can carry some 160 Tons of Fuel Compared to the A 330 MRTT's 110 Tons .while our old IL 78 MKI can carry some 40 Tons of Fuel.the A 330 also carry some 45 Tons of Cargo along with 110 tons of fuel. can capable to Refuel some 20+ Su 30 MKI with in some thirty Minutes with using three hose and drogue fuel transfer Probe .where two in the Wings and another one end of Flight's Fuselage. the usable fuel for external use is some 60 Tons .while IL 78 MKI have 35 tons of usable External Service

A 330 MRTT Showing his three drag and house fuel transfer system ©Airbus Military

           So IAF initially Selects the Airbus A 330 MRTT for IAF's future Ariel Refueler. There were More Number of Countries Operating the A 330 MRTT with awesome Flight Performance. IAF currently speed up finishing to Seal the MMRCA Contract with France. as of now the IAF asks the Airbus group additional six month to complete the deal. where they will expected to sign before the end of this year. and predicted Airbus start delivering those MRTT by 2017. Which is a significant boost to our Air Strategy. while our CAP mission fighters saty in the air so long time.

          Another interesting concept is the Buddy Refueling means Refueling your Frindly Fighters with your Fighters .Currently IAF's Mirage 2000 ,Su 30 MKI and The MiG 29 UPG.Thus can allow the Fighters can stay in the Air for Couple more Minutes. mostly a Special mission Aircraft is need for quick refuel after Take off.    

IL 78 MKI Refueling one Su 30 MKI and MiG 27 , Another Su 30 MKI Buddy Refueling the Mirage 2000
A Russian MiG 29 in Buddy Refuel Configuration

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