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TK-25E-5 integrated electronic warfare suite

TK-25E-5 Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite

TK 25 E System

Red Square Shows TK 25 in INS Teg F 45

      Every Ships have the Jamming System ( Electronic Counter Measure and Jamming Suites ) To Provide Additional Supports to the Ships. Which is also Known the First Line of Defence.Those can Jam any Kind of Radar Emitting Objects to move away from the Ship. This Kind of Electronic Jamming can be Fitted in All Kind of Large Surface Combatant Ships. From Mid Range Frigates (FFG) to Heavy Destroyers ( DDG).

       Here in Indian Navy Most of the New Generation Frigates use the  TK-25E-5. which is Originally designed in Russia .When India Agreed to Buy the Russian Talwar Class Frigates. the Accepted and Delivered The ship.

           But the Information about Ship based Electronic Jammer Device Information are not available in Public or Website. unless it can be revealed by Ex Sailors.They wrote Books and Interviews and Sometimes they said about the Jammer system. but revealing the Jammer Frequency is not a Good Idea. But I can provide some Information about the System. India Now Operates  six Talwar class Mulitrole Frigates. named 

 INS Talwar (F40), INS Trishul (F43), INS Tabar (F44), INS Teg (F45), INS Tarkash (F50), INS Trikand (F51)

         Their Main Jamming systems is the  TK-25E-5 Jammer. That can Jam any kinda Radar Emitting Objects, Basically Airborne and Shipborne Target Acquisition Radars, These Radars are used in all kind of Ships to Search and Track Enemy ships and Ready to Launch and Guide any Kind of Missiles, The Airborne Target Acquisition Radars means Anti Submarine Aircrafts Like P 3 , P 8 and Russian Tu 142, IL 38, These Radars also Track Ships, But here the TK-25E-5 Jammer do it's Jobs by feeding Fake Targets and Information's disrupting their Command and Control Center, further more the Jammer can Disable the Enemy Radars too, mostly they can able to jam Airborne Radars and Make it useless in Combat 

           Jamming the Weapon Control Radars, This is how you can Run a GTA 5 Game in old Pentium Computers, It's crash the Computer and Unable to Run The program, the Jammer can jam the frequency of the Radar and misguide their weapons. 

           Jamming the Anti Shipping Missiles, The Anti Shipping missiles follow the Guidance of a Radar beam who reflect the Ship and Feed into the Missile Computer and Missile analyze it and Follows the path. here too TK-25E-5 Jammer can Jam the Missiles Radar Frequency and inject fake frequency. So the Missile can hit a Decoy or a False Target or Dead  by Reaching the Maximum Distance. 

              Just like if our F 43 found a Bakistani Destroyer. First It can Jam It's Target Acquisition radar, Thus their Radar Malfunction even they don't know What Happening when the Visually see our F 43 they can try to Launch a Missile But their Weapon Control Radar Doesn't work Missiles Need Targets, for Targets they need to the Weapon Control Radar, at last they can Launch a Anti Shipping Missile by Manually Overriding before all failures how can the Missile Reach the Ship, The Missile send a Radar Signal into the Ship and Follows it. But the TK-25E-5 Jammer intercept it and Feed fake radar signal into the Bakistani Missile, Thus it can go for some Fake targets or It reaches it's max Range. So eventually we escaped without any marks.
Red Square Showing the System in Indian Frigate

 Here is some Technical Details of the Jammer, These are declassified Info's 

It can track more than 100 targets simultaneously and Engage Jamming to first Two  most lethal object,The Power of Jamming is upto some 80 kilo Watts. all other information's are Highly Classified.   

System in a Russian Kirvak Corvette

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