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Raven RQ 11 UAV

Raven RQ 11 UAV

India Plans to Build the American Raven RQ 11 UAV in India under make in India Program. While the US Industry plans to end the production line of RQ 11. India will setup plant to produce the UAV collaborating with a Indian private company after that India can supply the drone all over the Globe if they adopted US and Indian Policies. further developing the UAV with automatic target detection System also Planned. The UAV already in service with US as a Primary customer but Raven has Customers in EU and East Asia too. the Raven is the Military standard will not available for Public uses. 
Parts of RQ 11

The UAV can be easily launched by two Soldiers as they can carry the Flight unit, control unit and the Communication unit. all of them can be folded within two suitcases or a Backpack weighting as some 6 Kilo grams each. the UAV can be Fly in Autonomous mode for both launching and Landing. The UAV need to be turn on using the control pad then another Soldier can throw it over the sky. the UAV can collect search the Area for suspicious activities. the UAV can climb upto the Altitude of some 500 feets from AGL (above Ground Level)  and scan the Area at exact accuracy.  due to the low wingspan of 4.5 feet it's so hard to see through human eyes and Impossible to detect through Radar Signals. It also can used for Target Designation for Friendly Airforces can strike their hard target.

With fully charged Reusable batteries it can fly some one hour and transmit live video footage to the crew. it can fly at the speed of 45 to 95 Kilometers. and It's maximum range is 10 Kilometers that is it can collect info and Transmit the Footage to the crew upto 10 kilo meters. the main component of the Platform is the Color Infrared camera. which is used for both day and Night time and able to collect heat signatures of Animals and humans. the UAV can itself to the Crew area when the Landing command issued. it can first stall the speed and fell into the land by pieces. later can be reassembled with new or Recharged Batteries. 
A single UAV Costs about some $ 32,000 along with support devices like the Control unit and the Communication Tower unit. But make in India should costs less than some $10,000 will full units.

Single Solider carries total System
there is no doubt that these kind of small UAV's may bolster the Army's fighting capability in any kind of urban and Jungle warfare. giving these units to the Special Forces make them so strong where they always get a upper edge of Over seeing Eyes. 

Video Footage from the RQ 11

Total Unit set
Control unit set
The Future of the System can complies Automatic Target Identification system like this. still no information about this where they already added or planning to add. The below screenshot taken from Act of Valor Movie where they using the RQ 11 

Square indicates Automatic Target detection

Indian Forces Examining the RQ 11 in India in a previous Combat Exercise with US .Photo Courtesy Livefist 

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