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Pinaka MBRL

Pinaka MBRL 

Pinaka Mark II Version Test Firing a rocket

         The Artillery Guns are made for the Soldiers to Bombardment the enemy Positions and Bunkers. those starts from Howitzers to Field Artilleries but they lacks the Accuracy. they can't hit the Target in single shot you need to Bombardment the Threat area to neutralize that threat. So the Russians first bring the Rocket Propelled Artillery Rounds that's fitted in a Mobile vehicle. gives superior effort to the Russians to bring Victory in the war. Other nations too see the Performance of the MBRL and  researched about the MBRL. For India we first Produced and Tested our own version of MBRL named Pinaka. when Pinaka entered the service It suddenly get the chance to kck some Baksitani's a$$. due to the birth it can't be deployed all over the frontiers but It shows the muscle where they deployed.

           Typically a Pinaka Battery holds a Six Launcher units that can hold some 72 ( 12x6)  missiles ready to Launch the designated Area. while each Pinka holds 12 ready to fire Rockets.  and one more those 72 Rockets can be fired in a Ripple mode that means it can fire it's 72 missiles within 45 seconds ie less than a Minute. if those 72 Missiles can target a wide area of 1 square Kilometer entire structure  can be demolished  within the radius. The Battery also consists six Loader  Replenishment  Vehicles. each Loader Replenishment vehicle Holds 24 Missiles. that can be Reloaded within four Minutes. and another three Replenishment Vehicles holds the Rocket spares, Power supply, Support systems and More. two more Command Post vehicles also within the battery while one works another in Standby mode to replace the Command Post in case of any technical issues. and a DIGICORA MET radar which is a Meteorological Radar which analyzes wind speed and Weather information for Launching the Rockets in best weather and Direction. 

A loader Replenishment Vehicle of Pinaka MBRL 

Modes of Operation 

Autonomous Mode 

        Which means the system can be deployed somewhere in the Remote Area. which can fire the Rcokets in a Single command send by somewhere in the Field Office or a Head quarters

Stand Alone Mode 

      if your are somewhere with the Pinaka Battery and Found some illegal activities to in the Zone. and you have the order of Fire. you can fire without the need of anything thing .Just you need the Pinaka Launcher the Command Post and the Radar set. here you go. 

      If we compare the cost of the System with other MBRL the Jugaad king cost less money.and as of now the Mark II Version Pinaka Can engage targets upto some 60 Kilometers with the CEP of some 2m. The Pinaka can house different kind of Warheads like  250kg of HE or Anti Tank mines and Anti tank Bombs. The Entire Pinaka system is NBC ( Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) protected. so you can use the Pinaka system in any worst case scenarios. 

    The Army have Plans to add more wings to the Pinaka by adding this with the Indian Army ACCS system which is a integrated  Artillery firing command that can give order to the Pinaka which is nearby the Threat zone. 

        As of now three Indian Army Regiments using the Pinaka MBRL System deployed in various area's near to the Border. the DRDO also have Plans to increase the Range of Pinaka to double by adding boosters in the Rocket to engage targets upto some 120 kilometers.  
Pinaka Mark I Version

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