Monday, January 19, 2015

Indian Army Plans to buy Russian Sosna R QRSAM

       Indian Army Plans to buy Russian Sosna R QRSAM

The Sosna R system

           Some of the News Reports Mentioned End of the Last year Indian Army Placed an order to Procure some 200 numbers of Sosna R Quick Reaction Hypersonic SAM. It's unclear did India Placed an Order to procure such systems that will not Published in Major news Outlets in India and Russia But some defence Blogs Like Janes, DB and IBN Reported that India may Buy the Russian QRSAM without citing any Sources.As per Saurav Jha The Indian Army may replace the Aging SA 13 system by new Generation more Effective Sosna R systems the orders also already been Placed.

            The Sosna R system is Highly effective New Generation system intended to use with the Army Mechanized Infantry's. It having 12 Ready to fire Short Range Air Defence Missiles. Ranging upto some Ten Kilo Meters  altitude Varying upto some 6 Kilometers Maximum .The Main Feauture of the Missile having dual Guidance first the Missile has been guided by a Radio Command in Launching after it switches it's Primary Laser Beam riding Guidance to Score 100% hit .even more the Missile also have dual fragmentation first one is the Fragmentation rod which penetrate the Target after it's Fragmentation warhead destroy the Target simply Destroying into Millions of Pieces. 

             The missiles can Strike the Flying Target at Minimum altitude of some 10 Feets to upto 6 Kilometers.which can Strike Hovering Helicopters Miniature UAV's, PGM (Precession Guided Munition ), Low Flying Cruise Missiles and Fast Moving Fighter Jets.Once in a Interview a Russian Official Quated that Sosna will act as a Final Line of Defence by Proving it's capability, also Roumered that in recent a Spice Guided Munition was destroyed by the Syrian Sosna R system Provided by the Russian Forces. The System can Work Day and Night condition and All weather conditions.The Sonsa R missile can achieve some 4 mach speed while in flight which is nearly closes to the Hypersonic Speed although some Sources Quotes that Sosna Missile's are Hypersonic Capable.

Size Comparison of Old SA 13 Sterla and New Sosna R

            Actually the Sonsa Missiles already been installed in some of the Ships .whose CIWS Palma system house two or Four Such systems. the Army Version have twelve Missiles and without the Gatling Gun. The Sosna R's Radar can track some Fifty Targets in same time and Engage only one while Moving at High Speed .which is non-vulnerable to SEAD/DEAD Fighters.

            Normally Russia using the Sosna Which is Fitted in a MT-LB Armored Column.But till now the Indian Army Selected only the Sosna System but may Be it can be Placed on Indian Made TATA or Ashok Leyland Vehicles or DRDO Tracked wheels. Currently Indian Army have some 250 Numbers of SA 13 which can be replaced by the next Generation Sosna R systems. while the Deployed Area's are not been officially Acknowledged same like the SpyDer QRSAM deployment. The Army had the Maitri Project which is a Co Project between French MBDA systems and Indian DRDO who's status is Unknown.

       As far as we know and as per Saurav Jha The Replacement Procedure will be SA-6 - Akash MRSAM. SA-13 - Sosna-R. SA-8 - DRDO's QRSAM.  Currently Indian Army Operates Numbers of SA 13 Sterla and OSA AK systems along with Tunguska Air Defence Artillery's

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