Friday, January 2, 2015

Harpoon AShM and Jaguar

Harpoon AShM and Jaguar


The Maritime Jaguar
The AGM-84 Harpoon Missile

               With another leap of Boosting Sea Denial India Plans to Equip Harpoon Block 11 missiles on board the Maritime Fleet of Jaguar Air Craft . DRDO already making plans to integrate the Harppon Anti Shipping Missile into the Jaguar Aircraft soon we will see some of our Jaguar Aircraft's can carry such Missiles on Broad to make serious head Ache to the Enemy Fleet.

                      Initially Speaking Harpoon is a Sea Skimming Missile which fly just above the sea water .So it's hard to detect by Enemy Ship's Radar.And It using Active Radar Homing to keep track the Target vessel upto the Impact .with carrying a Bunch of some 200+ Kilo grams of High Explosives .the Harpoon penetrate the Hull to make Massive damage to the Enemy range of Nearly of 120+ Kilo Meters which is a Safe distance of Launching the Missile at Stand off Range .Most of the Ship's SAM rang Just below some 60 Kilo meters .So the Air Craft can stay out of the  SAM Range.

                The Harpoon missile also carried by India's Latest ASW Plane the P 8 I Posiden .The P 8 can carry four of Harpoon Missile .Another in a row Indian Navy's HDW Class Diesel Electric Shishumar class submarines .The SSK uses Tube Launched version of Harpoon missile.

           Adding the Harpoon with Jaguar and Brahmos with MiG 29 and Super Sukhoi .Indian Sea's are more secured .
Indian P8 with Four Harpoon's on under wing Pylons

           Most of the American Allies use the Harpoon Anti Shipping Missile which is Developed by Boeing.Harpoon have Shore Based Ship Based Submarine Based and Fighter Based Variants.

US Navy F 18 with Four Harpoon . © Boeing

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