Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cameroons Alpha Jet Pounded Boko Haram Positions

Cameroons Alpha Jet Pounded Boko Haram Positions 

Cameroon's Alpha Jet

German Alpha Jet Showing Weapons
French Alpha Jet Flying

                  Last day Night the Cameroon President orders their Air Force and Army's Elite Forces to conduct Operations against Boko Haram Militants Positions in Cameroon Nigerian Border Area's .where previously the Boko Haram Terrorists Killed and kidnapped several Cameroon Citizens . 

               The Cameroon Air force reacted by the President Orders by Launching their Alone Jet's by Bombing Position of Boko Haram and Help the Ground Forces Assault the Terrorists . Cameroon's Air Force using only Alpha Jets Developed by German French Companies known Dornier and Dassault .which is a Light Attack but mostly used in Training role and Aerobatic Displays . 

                 But it can acrry decent Ground Strike Payloads such as Rocket Pods and Cluster Munitions . Even they carry Guided Missiles like American Side winder Missiles for Air to Air Engagements and AGM 65 Maverick Bombs to Destroy specified ground targets with pin Point Accuracy. and It can fly very Low level to Provide decent Gun Raid for the Ground Forces . with awesome Combat Radius of more than some 600 kilo Meters even in Lo Lo Lo Profile . But It's a easy target for AAA's and MANPAD .thankfully that Boko Haram doesn't have any such Platforms. 

           This is the First and Best Strike of Cameroons Air force by Killing almost nearly a 100 Boko Haram Terrorists . and the Cameroon Govt take Preventions measures to thwart Boko Haram Retaliations

               Meantime The Nigerian Authorities only Launching ground Forces to Prevent Boko Haram But their Tactics failed in recent Conditions where Boko Haram Kidnapping and Killing Civilians and Womens who going for Schools.    


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