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Improved Kolkata class Destroyer The Next Gen DDG

Improved Kolkata class Destroyer The Next Gen DDG

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  Presenting the Next Generation home Grown Front line Destroyer . The government already had plans to Build Some Ships which where improved Parameters of Current Kolkatha Class Destroyed which is Flagship as well as Front line Destroyer of Indian Navy . The Improved one have advanced war fighting Capability and able to defend a Full Carrier Battle Group even if threaten by enemy Ballistic Missiles such as DF 21D.

Defensive Weapons

             The Next Gen DDG Carries comes with 8x2 sets of Anti Ballistic Missiles which will Smash enemy Ballistic Missiles in the Mid Air. While in the CBG Configuration those Chinese Anti Shipping Ballistic Missile Pose series threats to the main Air Craft Carrier. Accompanying two types of ABM's it Keeps the Battle Ships Safe from such Threats .with AD 1 ABM which having range nearly 5000 Kilo Meters which will keep the CBG from any kind of IRBM and SRBM type AShM missiles.

    Another eight set of PAD missile is used for Intercepting Ballistic Missiles within the range of 2000 Kilo meters. While those Systems already being evaluated and Tested in Lands. Now they looking to induct in the Ships which is similar to the US Navy's Arlegih Burke Class Destroyers SM 1 and SM 2 Class ABM's.

     The Indo Israeli JV made Barak 8 Missile to counter Supersonic low flying Anti Shipping Missiles similar like the Brahmos . the Brahmos version of P 800 recently delivered to the Syrian regime by the Russians serious threat to the Israeli's same goes for India too .China already have copied the same Missile whose named CX 1 recently revealed in the Zuzhai Air Show .Surely the Bakistanis soon get those Missiles From China with no doubts . also the Barak 8 engages Loitering Missiles as well as Small UAV's and Sea Skimming Missiles.Barak 8 range Limited as 70 KM.which having sets of 32 Launchers.

Another Set of 32 Launch tubes hosting Barak 1 Missiles which will do the same like Barak 8 with Similar Capabilities .Although Barak 1 is a Point Missile defense Systems to strike Multiple incoming Flying targets

A Set of four AK 630 Close in Weapon System to be Installed in the Ships to counter any kind of flying objects within the range of AK 630 .also IN looking to adopt the American Phalnx CIWS systems to replace old era Russian CIWS .they already floated the Tender but the status not known yet. there were totally Four sets of Defensive Weapons will be installed in the Next Gen DDG's

Offensive Weapons

  Package of 8 Brahmos Supersonic Anti Shipping Cruise Missile. Those are one of the smartest Cruise Missile which can destroy any Warships they can evade those enemy AAA's by Sea Skimming and Fly at Sea level. Currently the Indian Navy alone using the system where some other countries uses Land based Coastal Defence Batteries of P800 or Onyx.

   Package of another 8 Hypersonic Cruise Missile. as per Brahmos Chief the Hypersonic version should be available before 2020 until now those Launch tubes accommodate Land attack variant of Brahmos Supersonic Missiles. one Ship get upgraded by Hypersonic Missiles.then The DDG is a Nightmare to enemies in case of any Kind of War.

    Pack of 16 Nirbhay Crusie Missiles One of the Classic Indian Missile ever Developed Which can travel through some 1000+ Kilometers and Attack the Target .which having Guiding and Loitering capability can do anything like a Unmanned Cruising speed of 700Km/h and Flying at Tree Top level It's a Stealth Missile which can easily evade Enemy Radars.

    A 76 mm gun Oto Melara SRGM is Provide Close fire Support and Cover fire to Friendly troops and can be used for Anti Piracy Operations.

Radars and Sensors

   The main fire Control Radar is the Israeli made MF STAR which can track search and Guide the Ship and Their Weapons.It's a S band AESA radar.The radar employs multi-beam and pulse Doppler techniques as-well-as robust Electronic counter-countermeasures techniques to extract low radar cross-section targets from complex clutter and jamming environments.

    The MF STAR capable of Search and Track Hunderds of Tracks at very fast Refreshing thanks to 4 Side view of the Radar. The Radar Come with ECCM-Electronic Counter Counter Measure to detect less RCS Stealth warships and Jamming Sources.the MF STAR is operates as same as how the American Ageis system Works.

It can have some other Radars and Tracking systems and EW suits


     The Hull mounted SONAR is designed by Indigenous whose name Known as HUMSA-NG bow sonar which is Designed by BEL.Which is used for detect Submarines Operating underwater. There is another Towed Array Sonar is also embedded by the Ship's Navigation by Towing SONAR's into wider Area to Improve the ASW quality of the Ship. Recently DAC Clears the BEL ATLAS System to create it's system with a Foreign Company as a JV.

ASW Helicopter

  The Ship can accommodate Two Helicopters for ASW Fighting .It's Preloaded with the American made S 70 Which is a Export variant of US Version of MH 60 Sea Hawk .can Capable to detect enemy Subs can do search Operation.Humanitarian Operations such as Rescue and Friendly Engagements.Also it have Missiles in the Hard points for ASW and Anti Shipping equipped with Two mini guns in the Windows for Anti Piracy Operations.


    The Ships engine is Powered by a set of Rolls Royce engines which can Generate 9900 horse Power or some 7400 Kilo Watts per Side.It's also accompanies Primary Power source and a Power source which can run all the Electrical components in the Ship.

   Further More First Ship of the Class Should Be Rolled out by Before 2020 . where Initially four of them Planned

Art        Saurav Chordia
Article  Sajeev Jino

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