Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eyes on Border : Rajnath Singh

   Eyes on Border : Rajnath Singh


                Border Security Forces one of the World's Vital force who Guarding the Most Violent Nations Borders which shares to India . To keep their Eyes from LoC to Gujrat Frontier all under Responsible for Ministry of Home Affairs . The New Minister is also Responsible for Internal Security as well as controlling another Rival Asian Giant who always trying to India from the North eastern Frontier . The ITBP also under the Ministry of Home Affairs .who prevent more than three attempts Chinese Soldiers tried to Enter India . The Minister Also raised additional Number of ITBP Troops also increase Infrastructure into the Border Area for Quick Re supply .with Latest Development of Laying Roads into the Eastern Borders with Collobration of Japan makes Clear Minister's Plan to Create a Equilibrium Force Development with China.

     The Minister Went to Israel to Explore Israel's Experience of Guarding the world's most sensitive Borders. Israel Shares Border to Syria and rival Hamas Controlled region where always Border incursion Sabotage Kidnaps Bombing Smuggling everything .But one of the World's Elite Force can handle the threat in daily daily Basis

           Rajanth's Recent Visit to Israel indicates He impressed in Israel way of handling with Terrorists and Keep their Border always Monitored and Keep safe their Citizens . A recent Photo Emerged from His Facebook Page where he Visit a International Border Posts and Spent time with the IDF Soldier's who guarding the Frontier. It's simply a rare occurrence No country's High Level Minister's will not go their Border's and Shares their Time with Them .Previously Mr.George Bush and Barak Obama  Shared their time with the Korean Soldier's Who guarding the Barbaric North Korean Borders. Rajanth also take a Helicopter ride and Turn around Border area of Israel and identified their Facilities and infrastructures. 

             When BJP lead the India as a Leader from this Year Eleection They significantlly Moves Ties with Jerusalem at Bullet Train Speed .Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel .inviting their Homeland Security Adviser Cohen. Inviting Their Ex President Israel Mr.Shimon Peres to India .all Happens in just Six Month Frame.more Public Released defence deals such as Barak 1 Missile deal Spike ATGM Deal .UAV deal and some secret Deal which is not available for Public Domains.

          India and Israel's Homeland Security pact also a Important one .where we Mutually take care of each of nations Internal Security .where I don't find any other Countries can have such Pact.It's a Significant fact with the Jewish state who facing Muslim Extremism Everyday same goes for Bharth Too.while Israeli National Security Adviser Explores India and It's Security Measures to Keep their Peoples safe from Terrorism as well as Internal threats same Our Home Minster is in Israel to Explores their field of Dealing with terrorism and Border Incursion.Shows that India have their Partner to Deal with Terrorism  Mutually.        

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