Sunday, October 26, 2014

             Uniting River in United India
               Where we Linking Roads across India. Then why we cannot able to Link Rivers in India. India having more than 30 Natural Rivers Yet Many people’s still  havent get 24x7 water Still Peoples suffering disease because of lack of Good Water .Interlinking river gives smooth water flow accords the Nation as well as Control Floods too which affect economics and Human lives. From the Independence the government has lots of plans to interlink rivers due to the High Cost Nothing comes into operational they still only in papers somewhere in Government offices Record Room.even the Current New Government too think of Interlinking Rivers.

     But Honestly Speaking most rivers in India are all now not giving Freshwaters they are look like Sewage Pipes .peoples in  India Make the rivers as a drainage source to keep their surroundings clean .The current PM plans Clean Mission Success only if Government will have Plans of Recycling and Installing large amount of waste box containers. which will be lack  all over India. Small street which having some 30 houses with 120 Peoples throw away more than 100kgs of wastes in a week .they always find a running river to throw the wastes If not those 100kg Wastes takes more than 200 sq feet of land within a Month more than 400sq feet Needed .It also makes the surrounding areas waste land for future use .Mostly these Places are government lands which will be not used by the authority decades.

   The Government also having a Plan called Clean Ganga. one of the dirtiest river in India .Cleaning and linking the Ganga cost government in billions. Also controlling peoples who throwing wastes in Rivers is most toughest part most peoples who living near the rivers are Fisherman’s and Farmers   .they need Proper education and awareness . Then only we achieve a Clean rivers in India .

  Interlinking rivers gives lot more Benefits than 24x7 water Supply .It also gives 

Power Generation 

  Between some 200 KM we must build a Reservoir to store the water .with the help of Water based Power Generator we may generate Electricity from there which also satisfy our Large quantity of energy needs.


  River Based Transportation is not quite active in India .Because of dirty of water and lot of waste materials in the water .If we clean and interlink the Rivers we can give rebirth to the Water based Transportation .Which will quick, less Cost and Easy to Operate  and yes Zero Traffic.

Achieving Zero Floods

  With clear drainage system which will be linked into the nearest River makes zero flood in any heavy rain. here  we must achieve a Clear drainage system which leads the water into Rivers .

Interlinking Rivers give 24x7 water supply to the farmers to fulfill their need of water . that will quickly increase the Food Production in India which satisfies Indians need of Foods

  The estimated Project value of Interlinking river project costs more than $20 Billions .India doesn’t have much money to spent in one system .but some Five year Plan is makes sense to achieve this goal .by help from Fopreign NGOs and Private Players  it will surely one day all our Rivers are into one Piece one Bharath One River.

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