Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Hashtag #IndiaWithIsrael

                            The Hash Tag #IndiaWithIsrael

When the innocent teens of Israel kidnapped and killed by Hamas Terrorists the Palestine again start the violence till now from Pillar of defence in 2012 There is no severe attacks Pointed towards Israel until the Kidnap but facing rockets is like a Newspaper for Israeli's everyday while Israel still sending Humanitration aid into Palestine while they spend their Time to how to kill Isreal with new technique .they get aid not only from the Israel Also from the US and number of Other Muslim and Arab Countries too.. So they can easily get money to their foods and gets time to build and stockpile rockets and Mortar Shells thanks to their Ammunition Centres yes the Mosques , Hospitals and Schools preventing the Israeli Special Forces Steal those Ammo's if they entered they easily get condemnation from All Countries Include a Special Condemnation from the Supa Dupa UN

When Heats Start ups finding Kidnapping teenagers as Murdered some unknown Israeli Killed a Palestine Teen and Gets Life Sentence in Israel Courts not only that Most of the Zionists urging them that killer Should be killed ..From PM of Israel to Their Rabbi's too gives their strong Word against him but still The Palestine administration didn't arrest the Murderer's

Beginning of July 7 Hamas suddenly escalate the situation by launching barrage of Shells and Rockets Into Israel calculated from July 7 to July 14 nearly One thousand Mortars,Rockets and Long Range Rockets..where some of them Hits the Israeli port City Haifa. resulting Hamas have capablities to strike anywhere in Israel Making Israeli's having no room to Know what happening.

While The American Funded Rocket defence System the Iron Dome again shows It Muscles by knocking some 148 Rockets who targets highly populated Israeli Cities the Capital Jerusalem and the Cities Tel Aviv Ashdod and Some Near The Israeli Nuclear Research Centre in Negav Desert

Again a Surprise Due to Iron Dome No Israeli Lives lost but Some Injuries and Building Damage Reported include a Direct hit on a Gas Station in Ashdod.Mean time the Israeli AF Attacks targets where the Rockets are Launching From. Nearly 2000+ sites destroyed but still Rockets Coming but how ..?the Israeli government using Texts and Phone Calls to the Palestine Peoples about the Strike Package to leave from the hot zone Immediately secondly a Israeli drone will fire a Dumb bomb to make them scare and Run Away .then only the Real Strike Arrived from the Israeli Air force .If Still Civilians and Children's there the Pilots Halts the Strike and RTB immediately. By means lowering or Achieving Zero Civilian Casualties ..During the raid more than 120 Of them Killed nearly 10- Civilian casualties.

But the Hamas Ordering their People's to stay insider and Ignore the warning and die for Jihad to get 72 Virgins. That's the Main Reason of Still sirens Sounding in Israel. Hamas using Children's and Women's to use them as Human Shields to save their Life from Israeli raid

But in Social Media's the large population of Muslims showing their Support to the Hamas by posting Fake pictures where these are originally taken from Syria and Iraq where recent Massacre happened into the Muslim Communities. By posting these picture they try to get support from the International Community and Blaming the Israeli Forces killing Child's .But thanks to Google Image Search. if they see any pictures they put it on Google and check for Original version yes Google gives the date and Caption of the Picture where it's originated from. yet again they fails .they lacks of communication and IT intelligences. Most of the News outlets too confirm their BS story trending all over Facebook and Twitter.

But New Generation Peoples gets the truth from Internet and Knows the Truth. But who are all having defence knowledge and who have all defence Background will Openly Shows their Support to Israel. Not only these Youngster Generation of the Earth most world leaders too shows Their support to Israel mainly the Canadian PM Mr.Harper And the Kremlin Boss Mr.Putin The Russian Topper who will always be a Arab friend mimicking their cold war enemy's Enemy as his friend.

From India where most pro Israeli peoples living Shows their Massive Support of Israel by tweeting #IndiaWithIsrael Trended top in Twitter by Defeating world cup Final trend in Second place. And Numerous Indian Defence Pages having millions and Millions of Fans posting their Support of Israel

Getting the Israel near closer Peoples Posted India should offer It's Military Assistance the Israeli Forces .but yet again no Official statement from the Indian PM on Israeli Situation .yes he is Busy in BRICS ,but he should give their Statement

Once Again #IndiaWithIsrael

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