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Planned and Delayed Procurements of Indian Army

Planned/ Delayed Procurements of Indian Army

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BRAHMOS Supersonic Cruise Missile

Army has placed order for three regiments of Brahmos. Sanction for 4th regiment awaited. Upgraded Block III Brahmos has undergone successful series of trials. 

Two regiments with Brahmos are fully operational. Third regiment of Brahmos to be deployed in Arunachal Pradesh.

M777 Ultra Light Howitzers

MoD delay has pushed back purchase of 145 M777 155mm / 39 calibre Ultra Light Howitzer’s, pending since 2010. Cost has now increased from USD 647 million to USD 885 million.

If an order is placed by 2015-2016, then first guns would be delivered by 2017-2018, with deliveries being completed by 2020 for 5 regiments.

Ordinance Factory Board 155/45mm calibre Dhanush artillery gun

Ordinance Factory Board displayed 155/45mm calibre Dhanush based on original Bofors drawings at Defexpo 2014.   OFB has received indent for 114 units of 155mm x 45 calibre Artillery guns  

Trials ongoing, likely to be completed by 2015. All 114 guns are to be delivered to the Army within a maximum of 36 months from accord of Bulk Production Clearance  

Towed Gun Systems (TGS) and Mounted Gun System (MGS)

Has been declared a ‘Make and Buy’ for 1800 systems.  Winner yet to be declared.

Planned Induction Date 2016-2018

T-90 S ‘Bhishma’ Main Battle Tank (MBT)

59 armoured regiments to be equipped with around 1600 tanks (1000 to be manufactured in India). DAC has cleared manufacture of 235 T-90 tanks at HVF Avadi.

Already in operation.   Substantial numbers of T-90’s to be upgraded with improved sighting, navigation and fire control systems

T-72 M1 ‘Ajeya’ MBT

The fleet of T-72 tanks is being upgraded with Thermal Imager Stand Alone System, improved engines and Auto Land Navigation System for Command and Control Tanks.

Upgraded T-72 tanks are entering service and with life extension to remain operational beyond 2025

Arjun MBT Mk-1

All 124 tanks have been delivered to the Indian Army.

The 43rd armoured regiment at Jaisalmer and 75th armoured regiment are fully operational with 45 tanks each.

Arjun MBT Mk-2

Orders for 118 Arjun Mk-2 likely to be obtained next year. Trials expected to be completed this year

If orders placed next year, deliveries will begin in 2018. Production rate of 30 tanks annually being targeted.

Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV)

Make India project has requirement for 2,600 FICV’s. Project approved in 2009. Contenders are Mahindra, L&T, Tata Motors and OFB.

An indigenous FICV will require at least 3 years to enter production. The large numbers mean that obsolete BMP2/2K will be replaced only by 2030.

BMP-2/2K ‘Sarath’

Indian Army looking to upgrade BMP-2/2K to BMP-2M standard without replacement of existing turret.

Large numbers and delays in the upgrade mean that the entire fleet upgrade for approximately 1,400 BMP’s would be complete only by 2025!

Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) Rifle replacement

To be replaced through global route. Request for Proposal issued in November, 2011 for 60,000 assault rifles. Field trials underway.

Induction likely to begin 2016 onwards. Transfer of Technology, will see Indian ordnance factories manufacture 1, 40,000 rifles.

Close Quarter Battle Carbines//

Requirement for 43,000 carbines.


3rd generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)

Israeli Rafael Spike & Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin in contention for order of up to 2000 launchers with 24000 missiles.


Very short-range air-defence system (VSHORADS)

Tender underway since 2010. Competitors are MBDA Mistral, Saab RBS 70 NG and KBM Igla S for an order of close to 1000 launchers with 6000 missiles initially.  Raytheon’s Stinger also on offer.


Information's Exclude BFJ, Ballistic Helmets , NVG sights , Knee Kidney Pads

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