Monday, June 9, 2014

Indian Navy Tu 22 M

 Indian Navy Tu 22M

It's a Saga whether the Indian Navy used or Not the Tu 22M variant of Tupelov Swept Wing Maritime and Strategic Bomber . 

Where Many of them didn’t saw the Tu 22M in India or Never Photographed in India so Till Now no Visual Claims. But Its official Russia and India Negotiated to acquire 4 of these Tu 22M maritime strike Variant. It’s publicly available in the Media sources.

Whether You Peoples Believed or Not  Yes India Operated Four Tu 22M armed with 3 Kh-22M/AS-4 Kitchen Cruise Missile Range upto  200 Kilo Meters .Where the Tu 22s Combat Radius is 2400 Kilo Meters.

Originally the Soviet Tu 22 have two Hardpoints in the wing for Two Heavy Nuclear Armed Cruise Missiles and a Rotary ring in the Middle of the fuselage to carry 6 1500Kg Bombs ..But Later the Modified Tu 22 can carry more Payloads in the Fuselage because of increased Hard points .But our Tu 22M having only Three Hard points and their Armaments are stated above.
Who are all Claimed we have Tu 22M

The Australian Air Power Researchers find some of the Tu 22M in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Some Indian Navy Officials Claims that we have Tu 22M for Some time for Quick Replacement of Tu 142 and IL 38 where both of them Withdrawn from service due to MLU in Russia .

Several Indian Navy Officials Claims they seen the Tu 22 M

While We have Bunch of unaudited Defense agreements with the Russians as Secrets ..

And the Secrets always Secrets

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