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ADROS-KT-01AVE Countering the MANPADS

ADROS-KT-01AVE Countering the MANPADS

The Red arrow Indicating the Adros System

The System
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      The ADROS-KT-01AVE optical-electronic countermeasure system is intended for active protection of helicopters against missiles with infrared guidance units. The mass of the existing countermeasure systems are known to be primarily designed to counter missile guidance units that use amplitude-phase modulation.

IAF Mi 35 Hind Equiped with Adros System
      To mislead the missile’s guidance unit, and, therefore, thwart missile attack against helicopter, electronic countermeasure signal generated by the system should be 1.5-2 times (sometimes even 20 times) stronger than the signal emitted by the object under protection.

Ukrainian  Mi 35 Equiped with Adros System 

      The ADROS-KT-01AVE is efficacious against missiles integrating infrared homing heads with heightened noise immunity to other types of modulation: amplitude-phase modulation (APM) or pulse-position modulation (PPM). This enables lock-in failure in case of such guided missiles as Stinger (APM), “Igla” (PPM), “Igla-1” (APM), R-60 (APM), R-60M (APM), R-73 (PPM), Sidewinder (APM) and more.

Czech  Mi 24 Equiped with Adros System
   The ADROS-KT-01AVE system, unlike equivalent systems developed in or outside Ukraine, does not require the intensity of electronic countermeasure signal to differ much from that emitted by helicopter engines. Operation of the system depends on a new electronic-optical countermeasure principle, and incorporates a newly-designed electronic-controlled modulator with programmable processors.

Russian Air Force  Mi 35 Equiped with Adros System
Principal distinctive features and performance characteristics

• Countermeasure against missiles with infrared seekers like Strela-2m, Red Eye, Igla, Strela-3, Stinger.

• The likelihood of a Stinger-type missile attack against helicopter being thwarted – 0,7…0,8

• Lock-in failure time for a Stinger-type missile - 0,5…0,8 c

• The system is efficacious against various types of missiles with infrared guidance units, and does not need to be readjusted.

• Powered by airborne line: three-phase – 200 V, 400 Hz; single-phase – 115 V, 400 Hz; direct voltage – 27 V.

• Mass -26 kg


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