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Beyond Indian Air Force

Beyond Indian Air Force

How the Indian Air force Looks in the Future 

Unlike the Other Armed Forces Army and Navy The Air Force has Formidable Future who inducting Array of Fighters Refuelers and AEWCS Platforms .

Currently we Operating 

Air Dominance / Superiority – Su 30 MKI , MiG 29 UPG 

MRCA                               - Mirage 2000TI

CAS/Deep Strike                 –Jaguar DARIN III

Point Defence /interception – MiG 21  Bison

Ground Attack/CAS             – MiG 27 

AEWCS                             – Phalcon A 50

Refuelers                          – IL 78 

              Nearly 600 Modern Fighters along with Deadly French Israeli Russian and Ukrainian Air to Air Missiles and Guided Munitions from US and Israel currently the Indian Air force is more than enough to engage with Entire Middle East except KSA, Israel .we outperform the PAF with Multinational Fighters and Weapons.

             Currently India is the Only Nation who has variety of Air to Air Missiles in its arsenal . Have a Look out Of our Air Force Arsenal in 2013.

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 Beyond Future

              Just like that what we get in the Future .IAF has Plans to operate 5th gen Fighters and Medium to   wide Body AEWCS and Aerial Refulers to take the Place of World’s third massive Air Force. 

              The Air force has Option to Procure More Number of Fighters And other Asserts mostly all of them in Pipeline .Have a look it .We have Option to get FGFA AMCA as our Air Superiority along with Super Sukhoi  ,we get Rafale for Multi Purpose Missions and LCA MK 2 for Point defence/Interceptor Missions .along with wide A330 MRTT Aerial refueler , The Heavy lifter C 17 and Medium lifter C 130 another MTA for Strategic Purpose .wide range of AEWCS Fleet of DRDO based EMB 145 Medium and Recently floated AEWCS tender to acquire 10 wide Body AEWCS plane for Special Mission Purpose .and a rumor form Inside IAF to get squad of EA 18 Growlers for electronic Attack Missions to outperform other nations Air Forces Jammers and Radar Networks last time I heard that IAF puts E/A 18 Growler in his Top List of EA Squad RFP .see How our Force in Future.

Air Dominance / Superiority  – FGFA ,Super Sukhoi ,Mig 29 UPG

MRCA                                - Rafale F3 , Mirage 2000TI

CAS/Deep Strike                 – AMCA , Jaguar DARIN III

Point Defence /interception – LCA MK1 .LCA MK 2 

AEWCS                             – Phalcon A 50 ,EMB 145 , Future AEWCS 

Refuelers                          – IL 78 , A 330 MRTT 

Electronic Attack                – EA 18 Growler 

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         There were Mostly 70% of the Fighter will be Equipped with High Power AESA radars . With Super Sukhoi Standards that one have reduced RCS ,AESA radar and can carry 3 BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missiles . The AMCA comes with AESA and reduced RCS with Internal weapon Bays can go deep inside Enemy Territory to evade advanced SAM systems and Engage Strategic Buildings .With array of Russian Ukraine French ,Israeli and Indian Air to Air Missiles Varying BVR ,WVR ,IR and Radar Guided Missiles with these Fighters .Can be a Nightmare to any Country even with USA .

      Let’s take a Scenario .Our Forces are advanced to Chinese Main land and China send a Squad of J 17 , Su 27 and J 20 fighter with A Dedicated CAS fleet to stop the Indian Advance ..quickly we can throw squad of Super Sukhoi with R 77 R 73 and R 27 .along with a LCA MK 2 with Indian Astra and Israeli Python and Derby and a Squad of FGFA with newer Gen of A2A missiles can easily destroy the Incoming Fleet of Chinese Multi Purpose Mission Squad .and Do not forget the Role of AEWCS Planes.

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