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Indian BMD Test

BMD Tests Conducted by India

 The Emerging world need one more defence called as Ballistic Missile Defence .Those Ballistic Missiles can Kill any Country with short time with Both Conventional or WMD warheads .Most of the MRBM and ICBM's carries only the Nuclear or Bio Logical warheads.they can travel speed upto 7km per Second .The Typical Ballistic Missile Path is Shown in the Below Picture. By Emerging threats Indian DRDO Scientists Proved with their AAD PAD and PDV systems to Defend Indian Skies from Enemy Ballistic Missiles at the ratio of 99.8%

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 when the Program Started there were Two Phases called Phase 1 and Phase 2 .again the Phase 1 have two Systems one is PAD- Pritvi Air Defence and AAD- Advanced Air Defence .

Phase 1  

       Prithvi Air Defence (PAD)


                     PAD Designed to Intercept Ballistic Missiles at exo atmosphere Mode and Upto 80 km of Altitude .It can destroy MRBM's ranging from 300 KM to 2000 KM 

   Advanced Air Defence (AAD)


               AAD Designed to Intercept Ballistic Missiles at endo atmosphere Mode and Upto 30 km of Altitude.

Phase 2

   PDV is designed to Intercept enemy Ballistic Missile at the Altitude of Above 150 KM .In the Recent test It Destroyed a Incoming Ballistic Missile at the Altitude of Above 120 KM .

Over all Test Conducted by DRDO is 12 .Only one was Failed to Hit the Target Others are all Intercept and Destroyed the Mimicked Ballistic Missile  Proving India is the Fourth Country Deploying such systems .The Americans The Russians and The Jewish state is the others 

Time Line of Interception Test




for More and Berif Reading about Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Program Check out this Wiki Link

Indian Ballistic Missile Defence

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