Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Counter Russian Ballistc Missiles

  How to Counter the Russian Ballistic Missiles 




The Only threat that the US Facing today is the Ballistic Missiles Varying from Theater Ballistic Missiles ranges upto 300 KM to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles with Multiple warheads in Single ICBM .It's been a 50-50 Chances to Intercept those Missiles.The US Studied designed to counter the BM in the early 80's .Till Now they have Four Different Systems to Counter the Russian Ballistic Missiles .Since now only the Russian made SCUD Missiles are Intercepted by the US made Patriot ABM stationed in KSA during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. Currently the US Had Four Different Ballistic Missile Defence Systems The PAC 3 ,THAAD , AEGIS , GMD 

PAC 3 Patriot Advanced Capability

 PAC 3 is an Advanced Version of Patriot Ballistic Missile System .Each launcher having array of 4x4 Canisters .some Three or Four such systems are easy to destroy any incoming ballistic missiles at the Hit chance of 50-50. the PAC 3 is not only a Ballistic Missile Interceptor It can act as a Long range Surface to Air Missile too can engage the Fighter Jets and Incoming Cruise Missiles .the PAC 3 is stationed in Poland near to the Russian Border .also several other Baltic Nation uses the PAC 3 to saves their Sky to enemy Aggressors .But the truth is most of  the PAC 3 operating countries are in NATO ..if one NATO Country under Attack all of them come to rescue the Member Nation .The PAC 3 Engagement rate upto 35 KM against the BM at the altitude of 23 KM 

THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense



THAAD is designed to kill Short to Medium range Ballistic missiles .It uses the Kinetic energy to destroy the Enemy BM Hence It doesn't Have Warhead .It can range upto 200 KM and Destroy the Enemy Missile at 150 KM altitude .It shows Good Test Results after being upgraded by the Lockeed after 2000 .The US Stationed the THAAD only it's mainland to defend from enemy BM's .althogh the OMAN is the Only country Operating the THAAD after the US 

Aegis Combat System
Array of SM 3 Missiles abroad a Arleigh Burke   

         Where all other Systems are Launched from the Land Based Systems to Defeat Enemy BM . The Aegis System based on the Ships .where US only alone Operating more than 75+ Ships ..from JMSDF and The Aussies are the Other Major Operator of Aegis Equipped Destroyer .The Aegis System uses the SM 3 or the Standard missile 3 developed by the Raytheon and Aerojet .This one was a Good System in the Entire US BMD system can engage targets upto 2500 KM away and at the altitude of Nearly 500 KM's .The US also has Plans to develop a Land Based SM 3 missile System to station in Poland and Romania to Quickly Defeat any Kind of ICBM's from the Russian Federation. There were several countries have such systems in their Ships to Protect their mainland from Enemy BM.     


 GMD Ground-Based Midcourse Defense 

 A mystery US ground based BMD stationed in Alaska and California ..There were Not much more Details and Specifications available  .through the interceptor Tests the GMD proved only 50% of Successful intercepts. It has higher altitude and Longer distance to kill the ICBM's .US has nearly 300 Operational GMD's as of 2012 and increase further in future .


These systems are all to destroy the BM launched from Enemy lands such as Russia DPRK Iran and China .There were 50-50 Chances to Kill the BM ..may be It destroyed in the Air otherwise Fall in the earth Kills Millions if it armed with WMD warheads .also there is nearly a Zero Chances of Defeating the Ballistic Missile after it Eject Multiple Warheads .

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